Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Street Wear

luxe models
Despite the hours put into dressing up for ‘fancy’ occasions - dinner parties, dances, weddings and all that jazz – any girl who has gone out looking more Fresh Prince of Bellaire than Carla Delevingne knows that dressing ‘street’ is hard. There is a very fine line between urban-chic and blinged up moron. Many don chunky gold accessories and trainers thinking they resemble Rihanna when in actual fact they look like they’ve had a one night stand with Ali G and taken his clothes by accident in their quick exit.

Despite outside appearances, people go to a whole lot of trouble to look effortlessly cool. It’s not just about wearing trainers for the sake of wearing trainers, or caps for the sake of wearing caps; street-wear has to be thought out as carefully as any other look. 

One thing that is all the rage at the moment, and one of the easiest trends to end in disaster, is dip-dye. Dunk those locks in all kinds o’ crazy colours; let the pink tips rule, blue ends get up in here, let two-tone hair have its place in your life, alright, just Don’t. Get. It. Wrong. 

Advice: Go to a good hairdressers! There are many brands that offer do it yourself dip dye products, which may be ok after your first time. But, like all first times, it’s best to take it slow and not plunge anything too quickly into anything else. Treat your hair-ends with respect and don’t go dipping them in any old dye. Let a professional take a look at your colouring and work out what would be best for you.

So, you’ve got your tresses all spruced up, now they’d like a new little outfit to top it off. One word: Beanies! Ultimate street coolness exudes from those who proudly wear the little woollen wonders atop of their multi-coloured hair. 

Advice: Go fairly plane with beanies. A simple black or grey beanie looks the part. Street clothes are often colourful and overstated; a beanie that boasts bold patterns can top things off in a clownish way. Don’t be a clown. 

Trainers are all over the forefront of fashion right now. However, before you start digging out your pink sketchers from the nineties, be aware that they are one of the hardest items of street goodness to get right.
Advice: Vans are pretty much fail-safe. The chunky sole is completely in right now and the brand itself is a fashion statement. Also check out Kurt Geiger Mock-Crock pumps, they’re freakin’ incredible. 

So, before you make the assumption that street is EZ, well, don’t; it’s actually quite hard. One last item that we love here at Luxe Models: varsity jackets. Check out Rita Ora and Carla Delevingne for inspiration, those girls got it going ON!

Peace out xx