Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Are You Following The Bikini Trends?

The Daily Mail recently conducted a poll to find out who their millions of readers thought had the best 2013 bikini body. The poll consisted of singers, reality stars and actresses, with TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh taking top spot with 31 per cent of the vote, followed by Rihanna and then Khloe Kardashian, who took third place. But the real question is, are the celebs following the current trends?

2013 summer bikini trends:
·         The 50’s Vintage Bikini: This bikini is hot this summer, with many girls sporting the classy/chic look. The bikini consists of bold, colourful, busy patterns and high-wasted bikini bottoms, which compliment the fuller figure. This is joined with a structured halter neck top which adds to the old-school retro-inspired look.

·         The Bandeau Bikini: This is one of our favourite bikinis here at Luxe. The style of it compliments all figures, especially those with smaller breast sizes. Not only that but it minimises tan lines and can be found in so many different styles, colours and designs that it has to be a holiday must have!

·         The Mismatched Bikini: So this one could be classed as the ‘lazy look’, mainly because you can find one pair of bikini bottoms and then pick up a random bikini top and there you go, the look is complete. The whole point of this look is to create a contrast in colours, so whatever you want goes. Blue with orange? Fine, green with pink? Fine, yellow with purple? Fine… OK, you get the picture…. Although it may be better to wear colours that actually go together, the whole point of this look is that you can push the boundaries and where what you want. 

So have the stars been following these trends? Nicole Richie has certainly been embracing the mismatched bikini look when she was recently spotted on a beach in California sporting a red bikini top with blue bikini bottoms and in our opinion, she was rocking the look! 

Tulisa has been sporting the 50’s vintage look and we have to admit she’s worn it pretty well, although she’s been on so many holidays this year that it was inevitable that she would have pulled this style out of the bag at some point.

Finally Paris Hilton has been seen wearing tie-dyed bandeau bikini and looking better than ever, maybe avoiding the media spotlight is good for her… Luxe Models certainly think so!