Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Victoria Beckham’s latest Show for New York Fashion Week

Luxe Models Victoria Beckham
Do you remember the days when Victoria Beckham was simply known by the infamous nickname Posh Spice? We at Luxe Models do, and we’d never have guessed back in the 90’s that in 2013 Victoria would have transcended the world of pop music and embraced the life of a fashion designer. However, as the spectacle known to the greater public at large as New York fashion week rolled around once again, we were waiting with bated breath to see what Mrs Beckham would put out on the catwalks this time around.
Sunday 8th September saw us reaching the halfway point in the world’s most famous fashion event and designers were well in the swing of introducing what they want us to wear in Spring 2014 to the world. It seems that Victoria went all out this time as her theme centred on geometric shapes and the “merging of boys and girls sensibilities” (according to the press releases). The results were somewhat a departure from Beckham’s classic looks, as her most surprising turn came from the way she handled her hemlines. Departing from her signature mid length body con dress, Posh decided to go a different way this season as her models sported flirty mini hems as they sashayed down the catwalk.
Contrast seemed to be the watch word in this show as structured, boarding school style blazers and classic button up dress shirts struck a stark contrast from the catwalks version of sporty track jackets and even cropped trousers tempered with feminine details including a drop-waist peplum, peek-a- pleats and even the odd inclusion of spurts of glorious sheer chiffon material.  Carrying on with the ultimate theme of contrast, one constantly employed in the world of high fashion, but one notoriously hard to do well, Beckham went for a monochromatic colour scheme interspersed with the odd splash of eye catching fuchsia.
Everything was set off in the way that Mrs Beckham naturally would, with attention grabbing sky high Manolo Blahnik stiletto heels designed to perfectly set off the tone and style of the geometric handbags, which had geometric shapes and patterns that were often repeated on the roomy dress shirts sported by her models.
Reviews are still coming in thick and fast, and with New York fashion week still in swing, the real attitude sported by fashions finest towards Mrs Beckham’s latest collection won’t truly come to light until it’s been seen in the light of every collection destined to grace NYC’s catwalks. However, early reviews seem to be complimenting Victoria on her forward thinking and daring choices, with The New York Times fashion blog labelling it “one of her best collections”.

Posh has never been one to play it safe, her time in the spotlight is certainly a testament to this, and although her foray into the world of fashion may have seemed unrealistic at the height of her pop fame, now it seems to work, it’s seems like this was always who she was meant to be.