Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Katy Perry tops the iTunes album chart

Here at Luxe Models we're pleased to see Katy Perry hitting the headlines for all the right reasons right now. After the chart success of her single ‘Roar’ earlier this month, she’s at it again with new album Prism, which has stormed to the top of the iTunes chart this week. Despite a slightly weak vocal during her performance on X Factor, Katy put on a fantastic show for viewers, dressed in a sexy tiger corset with charming cat ears perched on top of her dark flowing locks.  

The singer seems to be going from strength to strength following her divorce from comedian Russell Brand in 2011, which she recently described as “fun and exciting”. The couple were married for 14 months, and Katy revealed that some of the songs on Prism relate direct to the breakdown of that relationship. ‘By the Grace of God’ is a beautiful ballad that comes at the end of the album and deals with the feelings the songstress went through as she came to terms with the loss of the marriage. Katy said that each of the songs relates to something from her personal history, but that she doesn’t want to explain too much so the listener can relate to them in their own ways and attach their own experiences to them.

She also stated that she went through therapy after her split from Brand, and from it has learnt to stand up for herself. This is a much more mature album than her previous offerings. You only need to listen to the lyrics of ‘Roar’ to realise that they’re more emotionally developed. Here at Luxe Models we wonder if this personal development could also have something to do with her gorgeous beau, John Mayer, about whom the track ‘Unconditionally’ is said to have been written.

The pair has been dating on and off since last year, and after a brief period of separation this year, have been very happy together since July. Some reports are even suggesting engagement in the near future! Katy has said that John is something of a “broken bird” and she’s very attracted to men of this type. He’s a troubled soul, but we think they’re great together and hope that if they do get engaged, it will be much better second time round for Katy.