Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Luxe Models on Martine McCutcheon's Sexy New Figure

Luxe Models were pleased to see former soap star Martine McCutcheon has reveal her sleek new shape this week after losing two stone. The 37-year old actress gained a lot of weight after contracting post-viral fatigue syndrome, which lead to ME, a debilitating disorder that leave the sufferer feeling exhausted, as though they’ve done a huge amount of physical exercise. Rest doesn’t really relieve the feeling and the illness can also involve joint pain, sore throats, headaches and concentration problems.

Martine has said that as her condition improved, she was able to lose the weight through a balance of diet and exercise. She also started to take anti-depressants to improve her mental well-being, which may have been compromised by her diagnosis with ME. The Love Actually star said that she lost all her muscle tone through a lack of exercise and her skin became dry and loose. ME affects hormone levels within the body and sufferers often report periods of bloating and weight gain or extreme weight loss.

She has been plagued with ME for around seven years and said that it left her with feelings of self-loathing. While she has admitted that she doesn’t think she’ll ever be super skinny, she’s feeling much happier about her body shape since she has improved her fitness. She and her husband, songwriter Jack McManus are now hoping to start a family.  

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