Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What Happened to Katherine Heigl?

Luxe Models ask: Where is Katherine Heigl now?

This week Luxe Models got to wondering where Katherine Heigl has disappeared to in the last few years. It was only a few years ago she was on the cusp of super stardom as one of Hollywood’s hottest A-listers, but now she’s apparently nowhere to be found. Obviously we’re huge fans of Grey’s Anatomy and we loved her for her role as Dr Izzie Stevens in seasons 1-6, and we really enjoyed her part in Knocked Up. So we thought we’d do a little digging and we were pretty surprised by what we found!

According to some, Kazza can be extremely difficult to work with. Not what we were expecting since most of her characters have generally been relatable and friendly. She’s gained a reputation as a “difficult” actress, costing time on movie sets, constantly questioning scripts and complaining about wardrobe issues.

Luxe ModelsIn 2007 she starred in her breakout movie, Knocked Up alongside Seth Rogen. However after a successful release, both critically and commercially, Heigl proclaimed that she found the movie to be a little sexist. This is possibly something you should have considered after a first read-through of the script, Heigz!

She also spoke out about Grey’s Anatomy, suggesting that Izzie’s character arc was “a ratings ploy”. And despite winning an Emmy in 2007, the following year she openly declared that she wouldn’t be pursuing another award for the role as a means of maintaining the integrity of the institution. In other words, Grey’s doesn’t deserve the recognition. Ouch! Recently though, Heigl has stated that she’d like to return to the show to see how things panned out for the character. Luxe Models think that seems a little odd if there’s so much bad blood there.

Apparently this nasty reputation problem isn’t entirely down to Katherine herself. Her mother and manager, Nancy Heigl, is also quite a difficult customer. People who have worked with the pair have stated that they couldn’t say anything to Nancy without being sworn at or branded an idiot.

Many producers have said they think Heigl would be perfect for the roles they have to offer but that her reputation precedes her and they’re unwilling to take the risk. However, certain others disagree. For example, Denise Di Novi, an executive producer on Life As We Know It has been quoted as saying that Heigl is hardworking and reliable.

Similarly, Anthony Burns, director of Heigl’s upcoming indie flick North of Hell, said she’s a “cool” person to work with and that she just enjoys a little honesty. She said she simply speaks her mind and when you get used to that, it’s really not an issue.

We certainly hope that the latter is true! We’ll give her new movie a go when it’s released and hopefully Katherine Heigl will return to Hollywood’s good graces. It would really be a shame to waste such a great acting talent because of a few misplaced words in the past! She also has a new TV series coming up that you can read about here.

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