Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Luxe Models on Kendall Jenner at NY Fashion Week

Luxe Models discuss Kendall Jenner Modelling for Marc Jacobs

Kendall Jenner got to live out her dream at New York Fashion week, shimmying down the catwalk for Marc Jacobs. She also got to sit next to Vogue editor Anna Wintour at the Topshop show at London Fashion Week. There certainly aren’t many other 18-year-olds who can say they’ve done that.

Kendall reportedly said that the experience was completely exhilarating. Apparently she’s completely dazed by the whole thing and finds it all hard to believe. LuxeModels aren’t surprised! Taking to the catwalk in a see-through V-neck sweater and no bra, she certainly managed to raise a few eyebrows! She talked about how nervous she was to do the show, claiming that she was standing backstage worrying that she might throw up, but thankfully she managed to hold it together.

She was given the news that she’d be modelling for Marc Jacob by her modelling agency, who tried to trick her into believing that it wasn’t actually going to happen! Those naughty old agents trying to fool the young Kardashian! Luckily, she’s not a fool, contrary to popular belief.

After the London show, Kendall headed out to All Saints in Shoreditch to stock up on some raggedy leather numbers. Surprisingly she didn’t go to Topshop, despite having seen what was on offer during the show.

An interesting point to note is the fact that Kendall Jenner decided to keep her coat on rather than taking if off as most of the FROW inhabitants tend to do, preferring to drape it over their shoulders like a cape. Kendall obviously thinks for herself though and won’t let convention dictate how she should wear her coat. What a pioneer!

K-Jen will be creating her own line of shoes for Steve Madden, and will collaborate with her younger sister Kylie. (Lol, isn’t is fun how all their names begin with a ‘K’?) The shoes will launch in Glendale on Saturday.

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