Monday, May 19, 2014

Luxe Model’s Top Five Reasons We Love Kate Moss

Despite the lady’s own confusion over her enduring ability to clinch magazine covers, we just love Kate Moss here at the Luxe Models offices, and this week we write something of a love letter to the iconic model as we present to you our top five reasons why.

Discovered at the age of 14 in 1988, Moss became one of the infamous ‘supermodels’ of the 1990’s, gracing countless magazine covers and tabloid headlines because quite frankly, she has that ‘it’ factor that you need to make it in this industry.

But it seems the titan of modelling fails to understand why she’s as popular with magazine editors in 2014 as she was in 1994, recently commenting that “I don’t understand why I still sell magazines.”

Kate Moss is Awesome and here are Five Reasons Why!

Well we do Kate, and we think it’s utterly unacceptable that you don’t, so that’s why we’ve listed for all you readers out there our top five reasons why Kate Moss is so awesome!

1) Aging Fabulously: Whether you like it or not, modelling is an industry based on looks and Moss has managed to maintain hers impeccably as the years have gone by.

2) Bad Girl: Who doesn’t love a bad girl? The woman famous for popularising the dubious ‘heroin chic’ look back in the 90’s, Kate is never far from the headlines for her bad girl ways and even dated notorious bad boy Pete Doherty, co-frontman of The Libertines.

3) Star Connections: She’s got a celebrity rolodex as long as a runway and she’s not afraid to use it. Just this year she hit the headlines for accepting David Bowie’s Brit Award in his place, dressed in full Ziggy Stardust regalia. It’s just so unbelievably cool!

4) Show Us Your Brave: It’s universally known that Moss has the bravery of a lion and certainly isn’t afraid to use it, even if it results in a major fashion faux pas. We don’t like boring fashionistas, which is why Moss’ daring sense of style is so amazing!

5) Sense of High Street Style: She’s not just successful as a model, but as a fashion designer too. Her ranges for Top Shop are inspired and provide chic clothing for the average woman on the high street.

So hold your head up high Kate! There are plenty of reasons why you’re still gracing the front covers of magazines everywhere and it’s highly likely that you’ll continue to do so in another two decades time!