Monday, July 21, 2014

Hollywood’s Five Most Political Celebrities

The #FreePalestine drama last week has prompted Luxe Models to ask, who are Hollywood’s five most political celebrities?

Celebrities, Know Your Role!

We love celebrities here at Luxe Models. Whether they’re getting snapped by the paps in a compromising position, making controversial statements about the difficulties of fame, or making waves with their tediously dramatic love lives, we simply can’t get enough.

Yet for some reason celebrities sometimes come under the delusion that their opinion on current events actually matters. As Rihanna proved with her #FreePalestine tweet last week, it really doesn’t. All it does is create a storm of controversy (which let’s face it, they want) and give us gossip fanatics something to talk about.

Luxe Models Madonna

These Five Celebrities Just Can’t Shut Up About Politics

Some celebrities have a serious case of verbal diarrhoea when it comes to all things politics, and the following five celebrities just can’t seem to stop sharing their political opinions: 

1)      Madonna: The material girl is no stranger to causing a little controversy (remember the Sex Book?) and in recent years she’s taken to airing a number of divisive political statements, whether it’s calling President Obama a Muslim (Fox News practically salivated at that) or imposing incendiary images onto the faces of far right French politicians!

2)      Angelina Jolie: To be fair, she is a representative of the UN, she kind of has to get political, but does she have to keep doing it looking as though butter wouldn't melt! If she adopts one more baby from one more foreign country, she may just have the whole world metaphorically living under one roof!

3)      George Clooney: As we’ve recently blogged about, George Clooney certainly isn’t afraid to take on the press, and if recent rumours are to be believed, he certainly isn’t afraid of the sharks in Congress either, as he might soon be getting involved in politics himself!

4)      Eva Longoria: She’s come a long way from her days as a desperate housewife, and Longoria has taken to vocally speaking out about immigration on the US; an issue she’s said more than once is close to her heart.

5)      Sean Penn: Penn is as likely to make headlines these days for his political activism as his acting career. A staunch Democrat, Penn has taken to protesting over a number of hot political issues in recent years, including most notably, the Iraq War.

We honestly, don’t care about what any given celebrity actually believes, but we do love it when they take a break from the glittering lights of tinsel town, to make a few headlines with their latest must-read opinion on the politics of the day; if only because it gives us something to talk about around the water cooler!

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