Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Oh Dear God No, Lohan to Craft Memoires?

Luxe Models were left in a state of horror last week, when we discovered that celebrity disaster zone Lindsay Lohan is planning to pen her memoires.

The Trend of the Celebrity Tell-All

Can we please start by assuring you that it isn’t Lindsay Lohan we have a specific problem with. Well, not this week anyway. It’s the trend of the celebrity tell-all itself. It’s so annoying!

Every celebrity seems to think we want to read about them. OK, we like taking a few minutes out of our day to check up on their latest ridiculous stunt in the local gossip rag, we’ll give them that. But the vast majority of people honestly aren’t going to spend good time and money buying, and then reading, an entire book about them. How self-indulgent are they?

Luxe Models Lindsay Lohan

We really do Love Reading about Your Wild Life Lohan!

Of course, La Lohan gets a special mention. Admittedly, she’s had a more exciting life than most. You’ll actually find that when it comes down to it, most celebrities are more exciting on screen than off.

The tinsel town tearaway has done it all. She’s dabbled with girls, dabbled with booze, dabbled with rehab and has been lucky to have only dabbled with prison.  Plus, love it or hate it, she has a pretty bold fashion sense. Anyone else remember that time she painted a swear word on her nails in court; hardcore!

Writing is Like Therapy for Lindsay Lohan

So we’d actually have more reason to be excited about this latest display of celebrity narcissism than most, except for the fact that apparently, it isn’t going to be that juicy!

Yes indeed, according to Digital Spy, Lohan has gone out on record saying she is planning to write her memoires, but they aren’t going to be too salacious. In her own words, Lohan said to the Mail Online "I would never write to violate someone else or objectify them; that's not my intention. I like to write because it's like therapy for me.”

Luxe Models Wants the Goss Lohan!

OK, we get it. You’re in the West End now and you’re being all nice and ‘rehabilitated.’ That shouldn’t stop you from giving us all the juicy goss! Let Luxe Models tell you something right now, Lindsey Lohan. We don’t want to play the role of your therapist!

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