Monday, November 03, 2014

Why You Should Embrace the Constellation Piercing

With everyone and their grandmothers raving about the trend, this week Luxe Models explains why you should embrace the constellation piercing.

One of Fashion’s Hardest Trends

Piercings have always been kind of a hard trend to pull off for your average fashionista. They have floated in and out of style over the last several decades. Never off-trend for long, it’s connotation of teenage rebellion, makes the piercing a perennially popular fashion trend.

And yet, the piercing is perhaps the hardest trend to nail effectively. Get too many, and it can make you look brash, obnoxious and just a little bit weird. It seems like the fashion world has finally taken this on board, as piercing trends are really going subtle at the moment.

The Rise of the Statement Piercing

In the second half of 2014, we’ve moved swiftly away from the statement tattoo, to the statement piercing. This trend was kick-started, of course, by Rihanna, after she unveiled her septum-ring piercing earlier this year. Subsequently, A-Listers and commoners alike have flocked to try it out for themselves.

The trajectory of the trend took a swing towards subtlety at the industry’s latest fashionmonth. Models on catwalks across every fashion capital sported what’s known as the constellation piercing, ensuring that it’s catapulted into the realm of top fashion trend.

What Is the Constellation Piercing and Why Should You Embrace It?

Specifically, the idea involves wearing smaller, often gold or silver earrings in a group of clusters along the bottom of your ear. Celebrities such as Emma Watson, Cara Delevingne, Julianne Moore and Zoe Kravitz have already taken to the look.

That’s all well and good for them, but why should you embrace it? Well, as the Guardian explains in a recent piece on the phenomenon, it’s ‘individuality on an entry-level scale.’ Basically, a constellation piercing allows you to get in touch with your wild-side, without causing a ruckus at work.

For the Professional Woman Who Wants to Look Fabulous at Work

To conclude then, the constellation piercing is more than just the latest trend. It is the perfect style of piercing for the modern professional woman; who wants to look fabulous at work while getting just a little bit rebellious. That is why you should embrace the constellation piercing!

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