Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Let’s Talk About Sheer

Luxe Models has decided to talk about something that we’ve been too scared to even whisper about on this blog until now. Sheer; this season’s must have trend.

Sheer’s everywhere

The translucent, daring fabric is everywhere you turn. Think of a celebrity trendsetter and there’s a good chance she’s been pictured wearing sheer clothing in the last few months. Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Rita Ora, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kate Moss; the list goes on and on.

But sheer is the everyday woman’s nightmare. It’s designed to be revealing. The vast majority of women don’t have Queen B or Kim K’s body, which means that the average fashionista can find it difficult to rock clothing that reveals everything they have to offer.

Five rules for pulling off sheer

However it’s not impossible. You can peep your head above the parapet and rock sheer without making a total fool of yourself. Just follow these five rules:

1)      Invest in fabulous lingerie: This is no time for thongs ladies. You’re not Miley Cyrus; you can’t get away with pairing a sheer outfit with nipple pasties. Sheer reveals everything, so it’s vital that you slip into gorgeous lingerie before you even attempt to pull off this risqué trend.

2)      Less is more: The best thing about sheer is that it’s translucent, not transparent. It provides the wearer with an air of mystery. Preserve the mystique you can draw from this stunning look by making sure you only flash a minimal amount of skin when you’re wearing sheer.

3)      Keep it Simple: Sheer does the work for you. Let it do its thing. Avoid opting for ornate accessories when you don a sheer outfit. Simple accessories add the touch you need to make sheer shine.

4)      Colour is king: As far is fashion is concerned, colour is king. Your clothes should always match and outfits involving sheer fabric are no exception. Follow the rules of colour co-ordination if you want to wear the material without looking like a faded pop star from the late 90’s.

5)      Be Confident: This is a bold look. You need the attitude to match or you’ll look more out of place than Lady Gaga at a meeting of the Women’s Institute when you walk out of the house in sheer clothing. Embrace your inner diva when you opt for sheer!

Do it for women everywhere!

This season’s hottest trend is a challenge to be sure, but it’s a challenge you can meet head on. If you abide by these five rules you can climb the mountain for women everywhere and make the sheer look work for you and your wardrobe! 

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