Monday, March 14, 2016

What Type of Photos Should You Send to a Modelling Agency?

As an aspiring model, the pictures you use to put together your portfolio are vital. Top modelling agencies use these snaps to figure out whether you’re right for their roster, so your portfolio needs to be amazing. So, what type of photos should you send to a modelling agency?

Include a headshot

As a bare minimum, modelling agencies will expect you to submit at least one head shot. Without this essential snap, they won’t be able to assess your full potential as a model. But we’d advise you to send two head shots – one smiling and one not – to really grab the attention of top modelling agencies.

Submit a body shot

Modelling agencies will also expect you to submit at least one body shot. If they have this snap, they’ll be able to determine whether you have the right look for the modelling work they do. Again, we’d suggest you include at least two pictures – a front and a back shot. This will ensure that top modelling agencies can view your modelling potential from all possible angles!

Keep it simple

When you send pictures to modelling agencies, they want to see your natural beauty. We’d advise you to keep your hair and makeup simple, while ensuring you appear well groomed. This will present you as a blank canvas to modelling agencies, which they can utilise to serve their purposes.

Consider your clothing

Your portfolio pictures are your chance to shine. By all means submit snaps that depict you wearing a range of fashions, to illustrate your versatility as a model. But don’t venture into the realm of bad taste. Modelling agencies don’t often react well to pictures where models choose to wear items like fur. These pieces are seen as controversial by today’s fashion industry!

Ensure they’re focused

There’s nothing worse than a blurry photo. More to the point, if you send an out-of-focus picture to a top modelling agency, they’ll just place it aside. How can they assess your potential as a model if they can’t even see you? Make sure that any pictures you send to an agency are clear and in-focus.

Use your common sense

Engage your common sense before you submit your portfolio to an agency. They don’t want to be barraged by inappropriate portraits. Don’t send nude pictures to a modelling agency; you’ll appear extremely unprofessional. Also, refrain from including group shots in your portfolio. If your pictures include other people, it’ll make it harder for agents to pick you out of the crowd!

Think about going professional

It may be in your best interest to send professionally photographed portraits to top modelling agencies. LUXE Models has a brilliant creative team that can provide you with a really productive photoshoot. If you prepare for your photoshoot with LUXE Models beforehand, you could have the modelling photographs you need to really impress a top modelling agency!