Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Break into hand modelling

Last week, as part of a body parts modelling series, LUXE Models looked at how to become a foot model. This week we move on to what things to consider when wanting to break into hand modelling. 

Check your hands

If your hands are a standout feature for you then you could make it far by modelling products like rings, nail polishes and hand creams. Think this is you? Start by checking to see whether you have the right kind of hands for this type of modelling. Successful hand models typically have long, slender fingers and great shaped hands, as this gives them the ability to pose their hands so they look relaxed in modelling shots.

Care for your hands

Hand modelling
Other requirements for successful hand models include smooth, blemish-free skin and neat, even nails. This brings us promptly to or next point; you must care for your hands to ensure you make it in this industry. Invest in treatments such as manicures and moisturise your hands regularly. It’s also advisable to wear gloves wherever possible e.g. when cleaning or when it’s cold, so you can keep them in peak condition.

Exercise your hands

By creating a healthy exercise regime, you can cultivate a great body. Take the same logic and apply it to your hands, exercising them regularly so you can ensure that your hands look great when modelling products like nail extensions, bracelets and rings. Common hand model exercises include stretching and bending your hands and fingers, giving them a really great work out!

Create your portfolio

A modelling portfolio is a vital tool for all models. If you aspire to be a hand model, include snaps in your portfolio which show your hands from all angles. Also include both bare snaps of your hands as well as pictures showing them with products such as rings and nail polish, illustrating your versatility. You may want to enlist the help of a professional portfolio firm, like LUXE Models, to ensure you take the kind of pictures which are sure to impress top hand modelling agencies.

Connect with agencies

It's vital that you find and impress the right agencies. Use Google to search for top hand modelling agencies, so you can send your portfolio to a company which specialises in your preferred type of modelling. When contacting these agencies, aim to impress. Strike the right tone and research the agency beforehand. If they contact you for an interview, be prompt, polite and turn up wearing a killer outfit to show them you’d be a wonderful asset to their roster.

Be really enthusiastic

If you have the right kind of hands for modelling beauty products and accessories, you could really make it far in this industry. But no hand model ever made it to the top by taking half-measures. Most importantly of all, tackle your attempt to break into hand modelling with real enthusiasm, to ensure you attract the attention of a top modelling agency!