Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to Choose What to Wear

Luxe Models

There is an age old problem affecting women (and men) all over the world: having tonnes of clothes but nothing to wear. One might think that owning a large and varied collection of clothes, accessories and shoes may be enough to take the world by storm each day in utmost style. One would be wrong. In fact, it is often the case that the more clothes a person owns the more chance there is that their outfits are going to end in catastrophe. The fact is, fashion needs to be thought about, outfits need to be planned, throwing on any two items out of your wardrobe is not good enough when you want to look fabulous! So, how to go about looking fabulous? 

Firstly, do your homework. Fashion magazines offer a catalogue of inspiration. Flick through the most recent edition of Vogue and steal ideas. That way you can try to recreate an outfit; wearing an item of clothing because you like it is all good and well, but what on earth are you going to pair it with? Putting together an outfit based on something you see in a magazine is easier than it looks; you’ll be surprised at how many pieces of clothing you have that are similar to the stuff you see in the mags. 

Secondly, decide on a ‘look’ and stick to it. Too many outfits go wrong because the occupier of said clothes has been uncertain about what era, style or general feel they want to go for and has ended up in a mismatched nightmare. Trying to go for too many looks in one outfit is a sure fire way to strut the catastrophe catwalk. It might be tempting to start throwing on accessories just because they’re new, but be aware that they might not go with what you’re wearing. Pick a look before choosing your outfit then accessorise accordingly. 

Finally, don’t be afraid to re-live old classics. So many people pick outfits according to newness of clothes, rather than the look they’re going for. This results in the outfit being dictated by new items, rather than an actual thought out style. The fact is, that new top might go so much better with an old jacket than one you bought recently, but one disregards this fact in favour of wearing the young stuff. The most stylish fashionistas are forever parading in charity shop buys, vintage, and throwbacks from their teens made modern, so dig deep and concentrate on style, rather than fresh threads alone. 

These points may seem to be stating the obvious, but bare them in mind the next time you’re getting dressed and... well, you’ll see the results. Promise!