Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fall 2013 Trend Report

Luxe Models

It does instil one with a little bit of nausea, trying to think ahead to fall 2013. We’re barely out of the last hell on Earth otherwise known as British winter. But fashion is fussy and fashion must have its own way; look to the future we shall!  Of course, autumn/winter is all about coats... especially in Britain. Our coats must be fashionable because we must wear them day in and day out over everything. They are the one fashion statement we get to make in a world that does not allow much exposure of anything. 

This year we’re seeing a few trends appear on the catwalk and each one is as exciting as the last. 

We’re seeing punk everywhere at the minute. It ruled the red carpets at Cannes film festival recently, and is set to show its face again this winter, with echoes of Sid and Nancy dominating coat designs. Expect tartan, leather, studs, chains, zips and spikes. Things are going to go all Vivienne Westwood and Siouxie Sioux on our asses and we can’t wait. 

We are not going to let autumn get us down this year, apparently. No we are not. We shall not swathe our sun deprived bodies in blacks, greys and burgundies, instead we shall dance down snowy streets in beautiful pastel colours with blush in our cheeks and smiles on our faces. Expect baby blues, buttercup yellows, lavenders and powder pinks.

It’s a guy thing
Silly enough to not wear a jacket to a cold December evening do? Fear not, your date’s jacket is just the trick. Get sassy in oversized simplicity. If it’s too big, it’ll fit the bill. Expect double-breasted designs that scream, “Look at me! I have a boyfriend, and I am wearing his jacket!”

Fur fur fur
Forget classic fur. Forget soft sheathes of neatly trimmed, smooth, elegance. This year’s fur is shaggier than a 70s carpet. And it’s not just the shagginess of it that was turning heads on recent catwalks. Fur this year is emblazoned with crazy patterns, it’s coming in bright colours and bizarre shapes. It’s wacky and we love it. Fur, we accept you for who you are.

So, there you have it, a glimpse into the distant, but no so dismal future. You can now make your fashionable purchases and pop them in your closet until a later date... and also pop winter to the back of your mind where it belongs. We’re sorry for bringing to your attention the fact that winter will reign once more, but be enlightened by the fact that it is not for months to come. We’re just way ahead of the game here at Luxe Models. 

Until next time!