Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to Work Colour into your Wardrobe

Luxe Models

Here at Luxe Models we know it’s the little fashion tips that help. Whilst you might want some ideas to freshen up your look, you don’t want a complete Trinny and Susannah-esque overhaul, right? We thought not. In this post we’re going to be covering all things bright and beautiful. That is, colours. How does one work a bit of brightness into one’s wardrobe? It is surprising how many of us have beige, grey, black and white dominated clothes collections. 

Make Up
Make up can be a great way to infuse an outfit with colour. Try a matte red lipstick if your outfit is primarily black or an orange gloss if it’s dominated by beige. A bright pink lip goes wonderfully with white, or go for hues of metallic green around the eye if you’re daring enough. Here at Luxe Models we love Barry M for colours galore; it offers inventive takes on classic make up. Have a browse of their famous nail varnish collection to liven up your outfit. We’re loving their peach and blue shades this summer. 

Don’t be garish
There’s one thing Luxe Models hates: colour and black done badly. 

Example: you are wearing all black, and decide to change your black top for a bright pink one.

Block colour alone with black is a no no, for reasons we’re unsure of. It's just too much density. If this is going to be done, it must be approached with extreme caution and model good looks must be exercised. Instead of pairing block colour with black, mix it up by adding some whites and greys; it’s all about getting the tone right. 

Little details can turn your outfit around. Flecks of colour around the ears, neck and wrists can transform your look from dull to delicious quicker than you can say “rainbow”. Here at Luxe Models we think feather earrings are a great way of injecting colour into an outfit. There are some great neon feathers on the high street at the moment that would look great at festivals.

It’s the little things
Try opting for items of clothing that have small coloured detail, such as stitching. This adds just a touch of life to an otherwise bland outfit. Go for jackets with a bright silk lining to give a flash of colour throughout the day. As they say... every little helps!

So, there you have it. You don’t have to go all Lady Gaga this summer. Instead, you can embrace the smaller pleasures in life by adding touch of colour here and there to your favourite outfits. Take classic a little bolder; where you lack in daring, you can more than make up for in taste!

Until next time...

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