Monday, August 12, 2013

Tattoos; This Season's Trend

So it seems the latest trend amongst celebrities is tattooing your body- with the more tattoos covering your skin the better- a trend that Luxe Models won’t be copying. Three people who are considerably eye-catching due to their tattoos are Cher Lloyd, Harry Styles and Cara Delevingne  unfortunately for them though although the tattoos may be eye-catching, they’re not necessarily nice. 

Cher Lloyd wowed at the recent Teen Choice Awards with her new hair-do, which was a sleek and sophisticated cropped style. However, although her hair-do and natural make-up suited her one thing really let her down, her arm tattoos. It’s sort of a given that once you start inking a large proportion of your body you will no longer be able to pull off the sophisticated look, yet Cher decided to give it a go, but unfortunately she could not pull it off. Furthermore the tattoos looked miss-matched and out of place, with no real pattern or theme going on. The tattoos on her arms include skulls, love hearts, quotes and question marks and although Cher has previously said, “I don’t have a favourite tattoo. I like all of my tattoos. I don’t think I’ll regret any of them” we somehow think she will.

Then there’s Harry Styles, who seems to have treated his body like a piece of paper, doodling on it, writing random words and just in general causing a mess. His tattoos consist of birds, stars and literally scribble. Although he can pull it off slightly more than Cher, (solemnly because he’s a lad) there is still no denying that he looks absolutely hideous.

Cara Delevingne’s tattoos on the other hand are quite interesting and pleasing to look at. She currently has the head of a lion tattooed on one of her fingers, which looks more like art work than a tattoo (we know that tattoos are all essentially art-work but this tattoo is one that people would actually want to look at). However, just as we thought Cara was the sensible one she recently got ‘Made In England’ tattooed to the sole of her foot, (ouch) thankfully with it being on the sole of her foot it is easily covered, we just hope she doesn’t go down the same path as Cher and Harry.

Some tattoos can be beautiful and really meaningful, however, these young stars need to remember that this latest trend isn’t something they can just throw away, but something that takes a lot of money and pain to have removed.