Friday, August 09, 2013

The Kardashian's Latest Drama

Although this family may use the press for their own personal gain and success, they certainly suffer from the negatives it brings too. Kim got slated numerous times throughout her pregnancy with people constantly commenting on her choice of clothes, as well as her weight. Yes, she did put on a lot of weight and she did look huge, however, if you had boobs and a bum as big as hers and then add on a baby bump you would probably look huge too.

Then there's Khloe having to deal with the constant reminder from the media that she is 'trying' but 'not succeeding' to have a baby- something we bet she's somehow already aware of. She has also recently had to deal with numerous cheating rumours, something that would be hard for any couple to deal with- never mind one in the public eye who is always pressurised in to doing what the public want.

So Kim and Khloe have seemed to have a tough time lately, especially as Kim hasn't come out of hiding since giving birth- something that has added to even more publicity (clever Kim). But this time the one Kardashian who always seems to avoid the drama and negativity that the media brings, (but not the drama Scott causes), has this time been targeted.

Kourtney is facing a lawsuit after a model she previously worked with has claimed he is Mason's biological father and therefore wants joint custody, uh-oh. He claims that they met on a photo shoot and had unprotected sex around the time that Kourtney and Scott were going through a rough patch. Here at Luxe Models we very much doubt these rumours are true, as this is typically what people do who are wanting fame. Mason is the image of Kourtney and Scott and if there was any truth behind these allegations why would the male model only bring it up now?

We feel sorry for Scott in the situation as it must be hell having someone else claim to be the father of your child, regardless of whether there is no truth in it. We don't think Scott and Kourtney deserve to have to deal with this and it won't be nice for Mason to read when he gets older.

However, they use their fame to earn their money so do they have a right to complain when it doesn't benefit them? We will leave that up to you....