Thursday, November 28, 2013

Is Jennifer Lawrence America's New Sweetheart?

There's hardly been a day gone by in the last two months without Jennifer Lawrence cropping up in the headlines just for being lovely. So Luxe Models want to know, has she claimed the crown of America's Sweetheart?

She smart, funny, popular and seems like a genuinely kind person. She's sweet and wholesome and apparently appreciates her fame and the fans who support her, as well as being extremely attractive and funny! It seems she has it all!

However, former holder of this unofficial title, Julia Roberts, has spoken out on MTV this week to say that she feels J-Law is a little too "edgy" to be a Sweetheart. Julia, who decided to put her acting career on hold when she started a family a little over a decade ago said that while she thinks Jennifer Lawrence is great, she's just too cool to take her title. Could this be the green-eyed monster taking hold?

Both actresses have won Oscars, though Jennifer won hers at a much younger age than Julia. And while, at 22 Jennifer Lawrence was portraying one of the best examples of a young female heroine in The Hunger Games, Julia shot to fame playing a skanky prostitute who falls in love with a rich business man in Pretty Woman.

Julia Roberts also stated that she never enjoyed the fame she gained and didn't like being placed on a pedestal by her fans. Jennifer Lawrence on the other hand seems to want to use her fame for good, to encourage and help her young fans to realise that they can be strong young women too.

J-Law, we salute you!