Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Luxe Models on the Return of the Bands

It was announced this week that hip 90s girl band All Saints will be returning next year to support Backstreet Boys on their UK tour. Can you believe it readers?? Not just one but two helpings of pure 90s brilliance under one roof known as “an undoubtedly extortionate ticket price”! Since the girls still hold the crown as the UK’s second best girl band of all time (sadly the Spice Girls pip them to the top post), Luxe Models think this is great news! (Great, and yet slightly strange, since Melanie Blatt claimed the band would never get back together. She said, “never” folks, meaning “not ever.” You’d think after their hit single “Never Ever”, Melanie might have looked it up if she wasn’t sure on the meaning.)

Of course, it comes just a week after the news that McFly are teaming up with Matt and James of Busted fame to form the guitar toting, exceptionally-named super group “McBusted”, which, if this writer is anything to go by will have produced floods of happy, happy tears from the eyes of anyone who was a teenager in the mid-to-late-00s! Y’know, because Busted were what we went to school for, right? Not lessons or exams or human growth, but to discuss the shape and style of Charlie’s eyebrows, right? Just me? Sadly neither Charlie nor his ultra-appealing eyebrows will be joining the line-up this time around, but the fun is sure to be there in huge amounts if their performance on Children In Need last Friday is anything to go by.

Anyway, anyway, anyway, Luxe Models have noticed that there seems to be a growing trend lately of bands that went their separate ways re-forming to tackle the charts once more. So what, we ask, is with that?

In recent years we’ve welcomed back That That, who split in 1996 only to reform in 2005 to produce one of the best Morrison’s advert songs in known history; Blue, who went on hiatus in 2005 and re-emerged to a hugely unsuccessful Eurovision attempt, and of course The Spice Girls who, following their “indefinite hiatus” in 2000 got back together in 2007 to take part in a comeback world tour, which turned out to be a major flop. Guess we just don’t have the energy to slam our bodies down any more, ladies. Sorry.

So what do we think? Are these has-beens coming back in an attempt to make a quick buck? Or do they miss the thrill of the stage, the scores of squealing fans baying for their wailing high notes? Or have they simply realised that they spent all their time at school singing in the toilets and styling their eyebrows instead of earning some viable, transferable job skills?

Well, whatever it is, Luxe Models are super pleased to have them back, because, despite the sarcasm, we can admit these bands have knocked out some cracking tunes that still have the ability to get us up on the dance floor when the mood takes us!