Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Luxe Models on Helen Flanagan's Latest Revelation

Luxe Models had a chuckle when silly model and actress Helen Flanagan has let slip that her footballer boyfriend of two years, Scott Sinclair will leave West Bromwich Albion FC later this year. She was busy gushing about the home they’re having built in London and said that Scott “breaks up” in six weeks’ time, and after that the couple will know where they’re headed.

Scott is currently on loan from Manchester City and had been keeping very quiet on the subject of his future career. Many West Brom fans had probably hoped he would stick with the team, though by the sounds of it, they’re going to be disappointed.

Helen revealed that the couple don’t know where they’re going but they will not be staying in Birmingham. While her line of work allows her to move around and work from wherever she needs to, she has said she understands that Scott’s work is not quite as flexible and she will happily move to be with the man she loves.
She also stated that the house they’re working on in London should be finished by Christmas. So could this mean a shift south for the pair? Quite possibly!

The former Coronation Street actress is well-known for making public blunders like this. Last year she tried to show her support for PETA, the animal rights charity, while also endorsing the use of leather products. She posted a number of pictures on Instagram, some of which showed her in a PETA t-shirt, while others showed off her huge range of designer leather handbags. She also posted a picture of herself holding a gun to her head in 2012 just after the Sandy Hook school massacre – not very clever at all, Helen. She later said it was the most stupid thing she’s ever done.

Luxe Models wonder if boyfriend Scott Sinclair will be able to see past her latest encounter with saying the wrong thing or if she’ll be taking a trip to splitsville! We’ll keep our eyes peeled.

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