Thursday, April 10, 2014

Luxe Models on Jessie J's Straight "Revelation"

Luxe Models have seen Jessie J making headlines this week with her admission that she is no longer bisexual and is in fact “just straight now”. Back in 2011, the singer declared she had dated both men and women, but said last week that she now feels her bisexuality was “just a phase”. This has been a disappointing blow for her teenage LGBT fans, and young women in particular, who looked up to Jessie J as an honest, open role model. But is it really as bad as the media are making it seem? 

Jessie has said she now exclusively dates men and is on the hunt for a husband with whom to start a family. Many fans have been outraged by her renouncing her bisexuality, suggesting that she’s lying about it, or that she made it up in the first place to sell records. Jessie J has fought back with a 1,100 word statement in which she says the hate that fans are firing at her is “uncalled for” and “ridiculous”. 

The statement also says that Jessie feels she was “mislabelled” by the press. She apparently never used the term “bisexual”, saying instead that she had dated both men and women in the past. She said that this was all experimentation and that plenty of other people had done the same. She has dated just one girl and besides that has exclusively had relations with men. She said telling the public about this was simply down to her own naivety of how the media worked, rather than a bid to sell more records.

Despite her change in stance on her own sexuality, the Nobody’s Perfect singer says she maintains a “love who you want” policy. LuxeModels have to agree. It’s clear Jessie J just wants to be honest with her fans, which is far more fair than lying and giving them false hope. She can still be a role model for young fans by being a decent person; she doesn’t have to be defined by her sexuality – no one does. So maybe we need to concentrate on what Jessie does best: making pop music!

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