Monday, June 09, 2014

Luxe Model’s Salute to the Wrap Dress!

With the news that legendary designer Dianne Von Furstenberg has collaborated with Google on their latest glass project, at Luxe Models, we thought we’d honour the fashion trendsetter with a salute to her signature piece – the wrap dress.

A Truly Admirable Woman: Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg is a pretty inspirational figure as far as fashion designers go. Born in 1946 in Belgium, to a Jewish mother who survived Auschwitz, she ended up marrying a Prince (who gave her her now iconic last name), before divorcing him and making a name for herself back in the seventies as one of fashion’s global brands.

That brand was built on the wrap. It became her signature piece, one that has featured in practically every collection since. It gave her name recognition, a seal of approval from famed Vogue editor Dianna Vreeland and even landed her the cover of Newsweek magazine in 1976, in place of American President Gerald Ford.

The History of the Wrap Dress

Whilst Furstenberg is often credited as the creator of the wrap dress, she isn't.  It was actually quite a common feature in American sportswear and had been for years. However, Furstenberg is the one who can genuinely be credited as the woman who took this staple of sportswear and made it a fashion mainstay.

It wasn't that hard of a job really, considering what she had to work with. It’s a funny little fact that some of fashion’s most daring trends come from masculine origins – think of the military coat that has become so pervasive in society you can’t walk down the street without seeing one, or the boyfriend tee that graces the torso of every ‘non-mainstream’ celeb on TV). Therefore, it really was only a matter of time before the wrap dress became a thing.

Why do Luxe Models Love the Wrap Dress?

For those readers out there who aren't familiar with this sartorial mainstay, the wrap dress is a frock with a front closure formed by one side wrapping across the other, with a fastening to secure it in place. It’s a clear favourite in the celeb world, and is known to be a favourite style of iconic First Lady Michelle Obama.

That’s because it’s timeless. Elegant, classy and easy to wear, the wrap dress is perfect for the woman who wants to exude demur glamour underlined by a sense of practicality. Considering Michelle Obama’s position, it’s clear why the wrap dress would appeal to her. That’s the best salute to the wrap dress Luxe Models could possibly give! 

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