Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Luxe Models Guide to Matching Colours

Every women (and any fashion conscious man) has felt the fear of wearing a mismatching outfit. Banish this worry forever, with this week’s Luxe Models guide to matching colours.

Get to Know Your Colour

You open up your wardrobe and it’s all like Sophie’s Choice up in there! You have a top and a skirt you love, but you’re not sure if the colours complement or clash. Rather than taking the risk, why not get to know your colour.

As far as fashion goes, colours generally fall into several categories; neutral colours (black, white and grey), cold colours (blue, green and bluish shades of purple i.e. lavender), warm colours (red, orange, yellow, pink and pink tones of purple i.e. plum) and last, but not least, warm neutrals (cream, beige, and brown).

Combine Your Colours

Once you’ve gotten familiar with the colours on offer, use these as a benchmark on how to match. From here, there are general rules that you can follow to make sure you've got colours that complement each other:
  • 2 colours, 1 neutral: green and yellow and white
  • 1 colour, 1 neutral: black and red
  • 1 colour, 2 neutrals: purple and black and grey
  • 2 or 3 neutrals: black and white

Luxe Models and the Two Ways to Wear Colour

For the actual colours themselves, remember that there are two ways of wearing them. The first is by wearing complementary colours. These are shades that stand opposite each other on a standard colour wheel. They are complementary because they bring out and emphasise each other. Examples of complementary colours include blue and orange, purple and yellow etc. Try wearing a lighter shade of one colour with a darker shade of another, for the best effect.

The other way to match colour is to use analogous colour. These are shades that are next to each other on a standard colour wheel. Essentially, because they are next to each other, the subtlety is pleasing to the eye. An analogous combination would include light blue, dark green and light green. A good tip for wearing analogous colours is to either limit yourself to three, or two with a neutral thrown in.

Luxe Models knows that it’s not always easy to know which colours will complement each other, and we hope this guide helps, however we would also remind you to rely on your intuition. If something looks wrong, it probably is!

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