Monday, July 07, 2014

What Did Cheryl Cole Say to Simon Cowell That Fateful Day?

This week a burning question on Luxe Models mind has finally been answered; what did Cheryl Cole say that fateful day to Simon Cowell when she was fired from The X Factor USA?

We’ve Always Loved Chezza Here at Luxe Models

We adore Miss Cole here at Luxe Models – she’s perhaps the quintessential modern style icon, having graced the cover of every fashion rag from Elle to Vogue. She sets trends merely by stepping out the door, and her big, natural, statement mane is so popular with women it’s gone global.

She’s not just a style icon though. Chezza has gone a long way since her Girls Aloud days. She’s had a string of smash solo hits, made a mint with a range of lucrative advertising deals, and sealed her place in the hearts and minds of the British public, by proving extremely popular as a judge on the UK version of Simon Cowell’s hit talent show, The X Factor.

Luxe Models Cheryl Cole

They Broke Up The X Factor Dream Team!

Cheryl first joined The X Factor back in 2008; the show’s heyday. Completing the judge panel dream team, along with Cowell, eternal idiot Louis Walsh, and fellow female pop star, Danni Minogue, the show went from strength to strength. She was so fabulous in the role she even coached two contestants, Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry, all the way to the winner’s crown!

So when back in 2011 when both Cole and Cowell announced they were deserting us to kick-start a version of The X Factor stateside, most of us were inconsolable; they broke up the dream team! We were also sceptical; as amazing as she is, they have no idea who Cheryl Cole is stateside. We were right to be sceptical, Cowell fired her a few days into shooting The X Factor USA.

F*ck You Simon Cowell!

It was pandemonium, and famously wrecked their relationship to such an extent, that it’s only just recovered. Cole’s kept quiet about the incident for years, however last week Digital Spy reported that Col finally opened up about that time in her life, in her latest interview with Elle UK.

Cole decided to share the text she sent to Cowell in response after she heard the news. What a text it was. Specifically, it read "F**k you, F**k Fox, F**k the orange and purple outfit. F**k the big hair. F**k the UK X Factor. F**k you all. I hate you."

Powerful words, and quite frankly, you know what we say here at Luxe Models? Good on you! We knew there were more reasons we respected you than you’re admittedly perfect fashion sense!