Monday, June 30, 2014

Top Five Wardrobe Essentials for the Well Dressed Gentlemen

The rise of the metrosexual has meant that it’s more important than ever for men to take care of their appearance, which is why Luxe Models has decided to share its top five wardrobe essentials for the well-dressed gentleman, to help you on your way.

At Luxe Models We Know Life is Hard for the Modern Gentleman

Being a modern man is hard. Gone are the days when you could buy a one size fits all kind of suit for work and jeans and t-shirt to slob around in on your days off. The modern gentleman is well-groomed, expertly dressed and magnificently quaffed – it’s enough to give you a head ache.

Luxe Models

If you’re the type of man who’s never going to read Vogue or follow what’s happening on the world’s runways, wardrobe staples are investments – they allow you to pull off the modern gentlemen look without actually putting too much thought into it. Stocking your wardrobe full of male fashion staples is like the sartorial version of cheating on your school exams – but no one will mark you down for it!

The Top Five from Luxe Models

Saying that, there are some staples that your wardrobe just cannot do without, and in Luxe Models considerable fashion experience, these are the top five:

1)      Black Blazer: A black blazer with quality tailoring can turn a slobby casual look into an elegant evening look, sure to melt the hearts of ladies across the four corners of the bar, lending you an understated professional air.

2)      Patent Leather Black Dress Shoes: With a pair of patent leather black dress shoes on you’re always ready for a long day ahead. They provide the perfect touch to finish off the professional look, but also work well for a casual night out, teamed with the black blazer.

3)      Statement Scarf: Statement scarves are a wonderful thing. They have the ability to turn the drabbest of looks into a bona fide hipster hit, making them a staple that simply must hang in your wardrobe.

4)      Dark Wash Boot Cut Jeans: Jeans are easily the most versatile item in any wardrobe, but if you want the perfect pair to sport on a night out, or lounge around in on your day off, go for dark wash (always slimming even when you’ve had a few too many pints) and boot cut, which never goes out of fashion.

5)      Plaid Shirt: Plaid is probably the most flexible pattern in existence.Teamed with frayed levis and classic boots for the laid back look you can rock in your free time, or match with the black blazer, statement scarf and patent leather black dress shoes for a night on the lash!

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