Monday, September 29, 2014

Five Summer Trends from Milan Fashion Week

Continuing our series of summer 2015 trends, this week Luxe Models bring you five trends from Milan Fashion week you’ll be rocking next summer!

This Week, It Was Milan’s Turn

We’re almost through Fashion Month now. We know, we’re saddened too, but what a Fashion month it’s been. So far we’ve had New York and London, and with the re-introduction of the bucket bag and alpha plaits at the former, and the presentation of nail decoration and elephant ponies at the latter, we already know our wardrobes are going to look fabulous next summer.

Last week it was the turn of Milan, and what a show! Seeing as Milan is known for its uber-sophisticated take on fashion, it’s always an absolute delight, but this years was a sight for sore eyes, as we bore witness to the introduction of a number of exciting new trends.

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You’ll No Doubt Be Rocking These Five Trends

We loved them all, but for this article Luxe Models had to choose, and we managed to slim it down to the following five trends from Milan Fashion Week you’ll no doubt be rushing to try out in summer 2015…

1)      Culottes: Whilst they’ve been a bit of a niche trend this summer, culottes are set to explode next year. You won’t be able to look left or right without seeing them, if designers such as Giorgio Armani, Jil Sander and Gucci are to be believed, who all featured daring takes on culottes in Milan.

2)      Glitter: Simple has been the word of the year in New York and London – i.e. the alpha plait, but as ever, Milan bucked the trend, by embracing glitter strewn clothing. It was literally sprinkled throughout Milan this year, but a highlight has to be Dolce and Gabbana’s interpretation; crystal studded jeans. How can this not be everywhere in summer 2015?

3)      Wacky Flats: Even Milan seems to be getting tired of heels, and took to embracing the flats craze with gusto this year. But of course, they had to be different, and as such we saw a range of wacky flats strutting down the catwalk this year i.e. Fausto Puglisi’s crystal-flecked pool sliders, that were all so gorgeous, we’re sure high street chains are already ordering their production en masse.

4)      Boutique Tied Waists: Milan went all out glam when it came to belts this Fashion Week, introducing the bouquet tied waist to the world. Sportmax achieved the look most easily, parading checked coats which were cinched with generous blots of fringed black leather, a look we know we’ll be chomping at the bit to try for ourselves next summer!

5)      Normcore Hair: We’ve seen a lot of understated hair this year, and for once, Milan followed suit with its own take on normcore hair. Whether it was at Prada, Sportmax or Gucci, models were strutting down the runway with up-dos and ponytails in waves, showing us that next summer, we can all take the time to relax when it comes to our hair.

Check Back to the Luxe Models Blog to Hear About Paris!

And that’s Milan Fashion week done, and Fashion Month almost done, with five more trends you’re sure to be trying out for yourself next summer. Check back to the Luxe Models blog next week for the biggie – Paris!