Monday, September 22, 2014

What Clothes to Take to University

With freshers once again taking over the nation, Luxe Models turns its attention to student fashion this week by letting you know what clothes to take to university.

You So Don’t Know What to Pack Right Now!

Right about now, Luxe Models can imagine that you’re sitting in your room, surfing the net and distinctly avoiding looking behind you. That is because we can almost guarantee that what is behind you is a massive pile of your finest glad rags.

You’re packing for uni, and Luxe Models knows what an exhausting task that can be. You want to take everything with you – you have so many beautiful clothes, why wouldn’t you – but you can’t. Your parents don’t have a car big enough, and you know that once you hit campus, you’re not going to want to come back to pick up a second load for your uni wardrobe

Uni Clothes Luxe Models

A Few Uni Wardrobe Essentials

You have quite a conundrum on hand, but the thing is that Luxe Models has seen it all before, through working with models who are going to uni at the same time. These girls are experts at packing for a year at a higher institution of learning, and they have taught us that you need to pack…

·         The Basics: Don’t ditch the basics like socks and knickers to pack an extra frock just because you think you can get by without. When your clean supply runs out, you’ll so regret it.

·         Winter Wear: It’s not quite winter yet, but it’s just around the corner. That’s why you should avoid packing light summer clothes, which you can pick up when you’re back for Christmas break, and pack winter gear like coats, jumpers, cardigans, scarves etc.

·         Bags: Of course, you’re not complete without a bag, but which bag should you bring? Generally, we’d suggest a two pronged approach. Pack both a satchel and a going out bag, as you’ll need both. You’ll regret it if you have to take a glittery clutch to lectures!

·         Little Black Dress: A big part of uni is going out, but you don’t have space for a different frock for every night. That is why you should always take an LBD with you, so that you can accessorise it and use it again and again, leaving space in your wardrobe and your suitcase for other things!

·         A Selection of White T’s: Basically, you never know when you’ll need one for a themed night out, and you don’t want to be spending money that you could be spending out on the tiles on a white T to decorate. Also, pack glitter pens to decorate!

Focus on Looking and Feeling Fabulous!

Your three years at uni are the best time of your life, and you need to make sure you look fabulous for every single second, which is why ultimately, Luxe Models would suggest that when you’re thinking about what to take to uni, you just focus on looking and feeling fabulous!