Monday, January 26, 2015

Tina Malone Gets Skin Removed in New Documentary

Last week Luxe Models learned that a new documentary on TLC will chronicle Tina Malone’s efforts to remove the excess skin that clung to her body following a dramatic weight loss.

Tina Malone’s Amazing Transformation

Shameless wasn’t exactly a forward thinking show when it comes to fashion. The series dedicated to the lives of people on a Manchester council estate didn’t exactly persuade anyone on the Luxe Models team to start stocking trackies in their wardrobe any time soon.

Yet it appears health and beauty have become increasingly important to one former member of the Shameless cast; Tina Malone. The actress who embodied the now iconic role of foul mouthed Mimi Maguire has undergone an amazing transition to overcome what she calls the “fat chapter” in her life.

Tina Malone Luxe Models

How Tina Malone Overcame the “Fat Chapter” in Her Life

Malone decided to have a gastric band fitted to deal with the weight problems that have plagued her for years. The move proved effective, as it helped the former Celebrity Big Brother housemate shed a colossal 11 stone.

Yet a gastric band is an extreme measure. It may facilitate weight loss, but it can leave someone with excess skin where their fat used to be. This was the case with Malone, until she decided to do something about it.

Tina Malone: My New Body 

According to Digital Spy, in her efforts to achieve a new look Tina Malone decided to have the excess skin removed. What we found interesting about Malone’s decision is that we will get to follow her journey as she undergoes the extensive procedure.

TLC is set to air a documentary called Tina Malone: My New Body. It will follow the actress as she has surgery to remove excess skin from her thighs, arms, breasts, stomach, neck, face and eyes.
TLC’s Clare Laycock hailed Malone’s return to the channel, following previous documentary Pregnant at 50. "It is a pleasure to welcome her back to TLC after the Pregnant at 50 documentary that was a hit with our viewers. This time she is granting us unprecedented access to her personal medical journey that she hopes will bring happiness from outside and within."

An Exploration of the Effect of Fitness and Beauty

We can’t wait to see Tina Malone: My New Body for ourselves here at Luxe Models. It should prove a fascinating exploration of how cultivating fitness and beauty can improve someone’s self-confidence and transform them into a whole new person. 

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