Monday, February 02, 2015

Is Taylor Swift Starting to Take Herself Too Seriously?

Taylor Swift’s recent decision to trademark phrases from new album 1989 has prompted Luxe Models to ask this week; is Taylor Swift starting to take herself too seriously?

The Year of Taylor Swift

2014 was the year of Taylor Swift. The former country music starlet has always had a rabid fan base, but the release of her latest album 1989 has catapulted her to into the realm of pop superstardom.

As such Swift has become a role model for women around the world. We’ve welcomed this here at Luxe Models. The ‘Shake it Off’ singer’s penchant for simple yet elegant fashion is one that translates on a universal scale. Anyone can pull off the Taylor Swift look.

Is Taylor as Down to Earth as she’s Always Seemed?

That relatability is the reason so many people like Taylor Swift. She’s the down to earth nice girl of pop and in an industry often characterised by glamour and seduction, she often proves a refreshing change of pace.

Yet Swift’s down to earth temperament has come under doubt as of late due to her latest decision. One that seems more characteristic of Madonna or Mariah than the former Nashville darling. According to Digital Spy, Swift has decided to trademark certain phrases that feature in songs from 1989.

Protecting the Brand

According to legal database Justia, Swift has applied to the US government to legally trademark a range of phrases. These include 'Party Like its 1989,'  'This Sick Beat,' 'Cause We Never Go Out of Style,' 'Nice to Meet You, Where You Been?' and 'Could Show You Incredible Things.'

Swift has taken this step to protect her brand. Trademarking these phrases will prevent others from using them for marketing purposes. It will, for example, stop them featuring the phrases on products such as Christmas stockings, whalebone and removal tattoos and guitar straps, as well as whips, saddlery, pot holders, typewriters and non-medicated toiletries.

She’s Gone too Far This Time

Swift hasn’t done anything unusual. Pop stars use trademarking every day as a way to protect their brand. However, usually they limit it to album titles, song titles etc.

Trademarking a phrase just seems like a step too far. Is Taylor Swift so desperate to safeguard her brand that she feels the need to ensure people don’t have permission to use certain sentences? If so then yes, maybe the ‘Blank Space’ crooner really is starting to take herself too seriously!