Monday, March 16, 2015

Is… that Pamela Anderson?

For what seems like decades, 90s pin up and Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has been teasing men with her honed blonde bombshell look. 

Baywatch beauty

Fierce make up, huge blonde locks, generous cleavage and a figure to die for; Pamela had her look down to a T. She rocked her glamour look to the point that every time we saw her in the mags or papers we expected to see her running slow-mo in a red swim suit across a sandy beach.

But, things are changing. People are changing. Fashion is changing! And guess what, Pamela Anderson is changing.

Pamela Anderson Luxe Models

Her new look

Ditching her signature feel, Pamela has been seen rocking a brand new and completely different look. Appearing at the premiere of the new film ‘The Gunman’ – starring Sean Penn - Pam turned up dressed to kill, almost unrecognisable with a brand new short haircut and loose, revealing gold wrap down.

It’s a mile away from her old look, but there’s still a bit of old Pam left, as she posed to cameras at the premiere. Standing with her 18 year old son, a braless Pamela gritted her teeth to the cameras and was keen to look as nonchalant as possible – whilst looking stunning.

We love it

Here at Luxe Models, we blummin’ love Pam’s new look. And quite frankly, we thought it was about time she moved on to something else. 2015 is coming up Pam.

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