Monday, September 14, 2015

An Apology to the People of Greece

Luxe Models wants to take the opportunity this week to issue an apology to the people of Greece. We’re so sorry you were invaded recently by the cast of Geordie Shore!

Mortal moments

Have you ever seen the Buzzfeed video, ‘Americans watch Geordie Shore for the first time?’ If you haven’t, get online and watch it now! During this hilarious clip, one observer noted that “this makes Jersey Shore look scripted” and that “it’s like Jersey Shore on steroids,” and they just about hit the nail on the head!

Since its launch in 2011, the ever-revolving cast of this hellish reality T V show have created a variety of “mortal moments,” that have shocked people around the UK. Binge drinking, stripping, flashing, sex, violence; absolutely nothing is off limits, and this might explain why the Jersey Shore knock off has aired for a total of ten seasons!

Geordie Shore Luxe Models

Tears, tantrums and turbulence

The Newcastle-based reality TV hit is due to enter its 11th season, which will premiere on MTV at 10pm on 20th October 2015. The new 10-episode run saw cast mates Gaz, Charlotte, Holly, Scotty T, Marnie, Aaron, Kyle, Nathan and Chloe fly off to Greece!

We kid you not; Digital Spy reported that the 11th season would see the Geordie Shore cast spend time on the Greek Islands of Malia, Mykonos and Zante. Each island is a known party hotspot, attracting scores of British revellers every year (we’re sorry). We know how much the stars of this bonkers TV programme love to hit the floor and get “mortal,” so we can only imagine how all this turned out!

Yet we don’t have to imagine, as Holly spoke out on what to expect from season 11. She said that "we take Geordie Shore to colossal heights in this series. Expect more tears, tantrums and turbulence than ever before!" Chloe, who joined Geordie Shore in season 10, added that "series 10 was unreal, but series 11 is magnificent and I know that is a big word for us but I've got cleverer and my dancing is better and I'm actually alright looking."

Sorry Greece!

With tears, tantrums, turbulence and whatever Chloe was going on about on the horizon, it looks like things are going to get really ‘mortal’ on Geordie Shore! We know you’ve already had the dubious pleasure of hosting this rabble of weird crazy idiots, people of Greece, so all we can do is apologise and hope they didn’t cause too much trouble!

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