Monday, October 26, 2015

How to Wear Slip Dresses

Today the Luxe Models team tells you how to wear slip dresses, so you have all the advice you need to rock this fantastic spring/summer 2016 trend.

New trend

New York, London, Milan and Paris recently hosted their spring/summer 2016 Fashion Weeks. These events revealed that the modernised slip dress is set to be really big next year. The slinky, sexy, sophisticated style of gown appeared at some of the biggest shows of the season, including Celine, Calvin Klein and Givenchy, according to Vogue Magazine.

Luxe Models’ tips

But how can you pull off this extremely risqué trend? Here are five tips you can use to wear slip dresses with style and panache!

1) Pay attention to colour: Have you ever seen someone wearing a neon-pink slip dress? No you haven’t – ridiculously bold colours don’t work with this look. We’d suggest you opt for monochromatic tones, or darker shades such as scarlet and jade-green.

2) Find the right fit: These gowns are designed to hug all the right places and float down to the ground at the waist. This means it’s essential you find the right fit when you buy a slip dress, otherwise the garment could prove distinctly unflattering.

3) Avoid glaring accessories: This type of gown gleams in the sun and often boasts intricate lace patterns. Here we apply the less is more rule. Keep accessories minimal and modest to make sure you rock this look the way it’s meant to be rocked!

4) Keep legs bare: Can you imagine wearing a slip dress with black opaque tights? We’re shuddering just thinking about it, because this look just strikes too much of a constant. You should keep your legs bare when you don a slip dress, but if you absolutely have to wear tights, opt for sheer!

5) Be confident: Luxe Models’ golden rule of fashion makes yet another appearance. Slip dresses are the essence of sexy, so you need to team them with a good dollop of confidence to ensure you exude the appeal it takes to rock this look!

Try experimenting

Now you’ve got the fundamentals down, why don’t you indulge in a little experimentation? You can team a slip dress with glossy, statement heels and an ‘up do’ if you’re heading out for a night on the town. Alternatively you can pair it with a jacket and flats if you want a more toned down vibe – the slip dress is really versatile!