Tuesday, November 03, 2015

How to Pull Off Leopard Print

If you want to find out how to rock one of this season’s hottest trends, stick around, as Luxe Models reveals how to pull off leopard print.

Exciting print

Leopard Print Luxe Models
If you’re a fan of fashion, you’ll already know that leopard print is set to be huge this season. The striking pattern was everywhere on the autumn/winter 2015 catwalks, especially on the coats and jackets you need to stay warm as the cold weather descends.

The thing about leopard print is that it’s bold; it’s so bold that it can actually be pretty gaudy if you don’t wear it right. Make the wrong fashion choices and leopard print can make you look like you’ve just walked onto the set of EastEnders; Kat Slater is hardly the ideal style role model.

Five tips

So how can you pull off this incredibly bold, statement print? Here are five tips you can use to rock the leopard print look:

1) Abandon big accessories: Now is not the time for Pat Butcher style earrings. Your best bet with leopard print is to team the pattern with subtle accessories; the style is bold enough on its own without statement jewellery.

2) Pair with neutrals: Don’t pair a leopard print jacket with a bright-pink top or a neon-green t-shirt. The colours will clash horribly, so you should think about wearing pieces in neutral tones such as black and white when you don leopard print.

3) Restrain yourself: One leopard print item is enough – if you’re wearing a leopard print t-shirt, don’t team it with a jacket decorated with the same pattern. We should note though that you can wear it with other patterns such as stripes and polka dots; a look that’ll provide your wardrobe with a cool rock star-edge!

4) Be bold:
Leopard print is incredibly bold, so you need the attitude to match. If you don a leopard print coat without ensuring you’re fully confident with your choice of outfit, the item will look distinctly out-of-sync with the rest of your look.

5) Keep makeup light: If you want to avoid clich├ęd leopard print, you should keep your makeup light. A little bit of gloss and soft eye makeup can set the statement print off just right, but any more than that and it just won’t work.

Look fabulous

Many women choose to avoid leopard print like the plague. However you don’t have to; if you use these tips from Luxe Models, you can rock one of Autumn/Winter 2015’s hottest trends and craft a truly fabulous outfit!