Monday, November 09, 2015

How to Wear a Puffer Jacket

If you want to keep yourself warm without sacrificing your sense of style this winter, stick around. Luxe Models reveals how to wear a puffer jacket.

Ward off the chill

Luxe Models Puffer Jacket
Now November has started, people across the UK are starting to feel the cold. It’s only set to get worse as we barrel into December and the New Year, so you’re going to need to start thinking about how you can wrap yourself up to ward off the chill.

Any fashionista worth their salt will tell you that it’s hard to guard yourself against the dipping temperatures of a UK winter, whilst retaining your sense of style. You might want to think about investing in a few puffer jackets, which according to Huffington Post Canada, are set to be all the rage this winter.

Five styling tips

These coats will keep you incredibly warm but if you’re not careful they’ll ruin your look. Here are five tips you can use to ensure that you have the ability to rock a puffer jacket this winter:

1) Think about length: It’s so hard to find the right length of puffer jacket; too long and it’ll swallow you whole, too short and it can exaggerate the “puffiness” of the piece. We’d suggest you go for a jacket that hits mid-thigh to strike a good balance.

2) Consider colour: It goes without saying that you should avoid jackets in bright shades such as neon pink and luminescent green. Yet we’d also advise you to ensure that you choose a shade of puffer which co-ordinates with the rest of your outfit, so the coat will add that finishing touch you need to craft a killer winter style.

3) Create a flattering silhouette: As we suggested earlier you need to balance out the puffiness of this jacket if you’re going to pull it off. That’s why you should think about teaming a puffer with skinny jeans, belts and statement heels to create a flattering silhouette!

4) Keep accessories minimal: If you’re thinking about pairing a puffer jacket with a big necklace, a bold scarf, or chunky bangles stop and think again! It makes enough of a statement on its own, so teaming it with a tonne of gaudy accessories won’t do you any favours.

5) Think outside the box: The puffer jacket market is really varied; you can get jackets without sleeves, puffers that resemble biker jackets, coats that feature fur-trimmed hoods etc. Shop around and find the puffer jacket that best suits your sense of style; that way you can fit it seamlessly into your existing wardrobe!

Pull it off

Wearing a puffer jacket might make you feel like you’re walking on the edge of a cliff – one wrong move and you’ll have a full blown disaster on your hands. However if you use these tips from Luxe Models, you’ll be able to rock the puffer jacket and wrap up warm this winter!