Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Five Tips for Layering Clothes This Winter

With temperatures set to drop in the next few weeks, you should start thinking about how you can ward off the chill. But how do you stay warm without committing a crime against fashion? You could always layer up your outfit! Here are five tips you can use to make sure you master the art of layering the winter.

Mix smart and casual

If you add a designer piece to a high street wardrobe you can craft a killer outfit. The same principle applies here. If you’re looking to make a high-end dress or shirt work for daytime, pair it with more casual items like a light cardigan, a hipster-style leather handbag or a good old fashioned button-up.

Be careful with colours and patterns

By all means layer different colours and patterns to inject a little excitement into your look – but be careful how you do it. If you’re thinking about pairing stripes, for example, don’t team them with more stripes – go for subtle leopard print or polka dots instead. Meanwhile before you wear two items of different colours consult the Pantone colour chart to make sure they don’t clash!

Work with different sizes

How do you layer on a really cold day? You could always team a beautiful cable knit jumper (so in right now!) with a more form fitting shirt or blouse. The loose/form fitting contrast will provide you with an outfit that oozes cool, laid-back sophistication. Add some statement stilettos, subtle jewellery or a pair of ripped jeans to complete the look!

Think carefully about jewellery

Here we need to think about a cardinal rule of fashion – less is more. You really need to think carefully about jewellery before you add any to a layered up outfit. Don’t overcrowd your body; either go for subtle items or opt for one statement piece. Make sure you know how to wear bold pieces – Luxe Models has explained how to pull off statement necklaces, before you even think of trying this out!

Try out a belt

When in doubt, try out a belt. The danger with layering is that it involves so many clothes you can really detract from your beautiful shape if you’re not careful. If you want to avoid this just wrap a belt around your waist or under your bust to add some definition to your shape. Be careful which type of belt you pick though – you don’t want to wear a thin belt with an outfit that’d really work better with a thicker one!

Hunt down some ideas

Now you’ve got the basics down, why don’t you try layering up for yourself! The Luxe Models team has recently written an article which’ll provide you with some fantastic ideas on how you can layer up your wardrobe to create a fabulous outfit this winter!