Monday, December 07, 2015

How to dress for a busy schedule

Some of the world’s top designers and stylish women work from 9-5 with a variety of taxing tasks. So how do they cope with the everyday struggle between practicality and glamour?

From the professionals

Leila Yavari, Stylebop’s fashion director, is often on the go and travels between Los Angeles, London, Iran and the rest of Europe regularly. She’s found that power and protection comes from her wardrobe. But how does she pack for business class?

Having grown up in Iran and moved to London via Bordeaux and Los Angeles, she’s learned to appreciate diversity. With political implications needing to be monitored closely in Iran, she’s also learned ways to flaunt your inner beauty and subtly look glamorous. That includes jewellery, eye makeup and choice of accessories, bags and shoes has also become increasingly important.

Busy schedules

You should always dress to impress, regardless of how busy your schedule is. Don’t dwell too much on what you need to wear and go for practical items which can go with multiple outfits. Tailored camel trousers, a cashmere knit, a long-line navy blazer, or a crisp white blouse are simple items which tend to look classy and can be reused without looking worn.


If you’ve got to get to a meeting in your hectic schedule, then you can’t let on how rushed you’re feeling or may be. You need to mean business, and dress with a clean, long line which makes you look put together and exudes confidence. A suit, a sleek turtle neck with a fluted skirt or even a fluid blouse with wide-leg trousers can work well and look professional. Weather-proof boots are quickly becoming the staple of fashion, so why not try those with an outfit?

Day to night strategy

A set of high heels is really the most effective way to go from the meeting room to the dance floor. A casual blazer can also play a part in transforming your look, even if you’re wearing jeans or a blouse. A dab of red lipstick can also act as a mood enhancer.