Monday, December 14, 2015

How to Pose in Photos

It’s Christmas season, so you might be attending a few parties in the next few weeks. Some people tend to take a lot of pictures at holiday shindigs. If you don’t want a tonne of embarrassing snaps ending up on Instagram, you need to know how pose for them. Here are a few tips from the Luxe Models team to help you out! 

Find your light

Do you know why film stars are always going on about lighting so much? Because it matters. Before you let someone take your picture, make sure you’re standing in light which flatters your features. If it’s really dark ask the person taking the snap to use flash, so you receive enough light.

Tilt your head

Don’t look at the camera dead on – this pose will make your face look wider, larger, or even slightly discoloured. Tilt your head slightly to either side when you pose for a picture instead! You might also want to look at something that’s just above your natural line of sight, to ensure you look natural.

Angle your body

If you read celeb gossip magazines you’ll know that famous people use a certain trick to ensure they look fabulous when they’re snapped on the red carpet. Take your cue from them; if you angle your body 45 degrees when someone takes a photo of you, you’ll look stunning!

Learn to smile

We’ve all had that one picture where we’re giving the most awkward smile known to man. The key to perfecting the ‘picture smile’ is to smile like the camera isn’t on you. A ‘natural’ smile is universally flattering, and it gives you the chance to decide how much teeth you want to show, so you can make sure the resulting picture is a corker!

Have some fun

If you look uncomfortable when someone takes your photo, it’ll show. That’s why we suggest you do a little experimenting and have some fun when you pose for a picture. This’ll lend you the air of confidence you need to take a breath-taking holiday snap.

Make sure to practice

Now you’ve got these tips, find out which pose works best for you and practice it until the cows come home! You may feel silly posing in front of a mirror for hours on end, but it’ll give you the confidence you need shine the next time someone puts the camera on you!