Monday, January 11, 2016

Five Tips for Wearing Pleated Skirts

Business news site Forbes recently revealed that pleats are set to be huge in 2016. The issue with this trend is that it can be hard to pull off pleats without looking a little preppy. Here comes LUXE Models to the rescue; below we’ve listed five tips you can use to rock a pleated skirt this year!

1. Show your waist

Cultivate a slimming look by emphasising the waistband of your pleated skirt. We’d suggest you go a little risqué in 2016 and team your pleated skirt with a modernised version of the 90s crop top – a look that screams cool, rebellious class!

2. Play with tops

Ask this important question before you don a pleated skirt; “what am I going to wear on top?” This style of skirt cuts the body off at the waist, giving you the chance to create an outfit with beautiful contrasts if you pick a good top to pair it with. Go nuts; patterns, prints, block-colours, long-sleeves, short-sleeves – they all go great with a pleated skirt!

3. Focus on footwear

Pleated skirts draw attention to your legs, giving you a fantastic chance to rock some killer footwear. If you want to avoid the preppy look you may want to refrain from wearing flats. Instead, team your pleated skirt with stilettos, edgy booties, feminine sandals, sleek pumps or 70s style heeled boots to create a supremely elegant look!

4. Think about your body

Choose the pleated skirt that’s most likely to flatter your figure. If you have a generous set of curves you might want to opt for a skirt made from light, flowy fabric to refrain from adding bulk to your waist. Meanwhile if you’ve got shorter legs, you may want to go with a pleated skirt that boasts a higher hemline, so you avoid cutting off your calves!

5. Refrain from overloading

Pleats make a bold statement, so you may want to resist overcrowding your outfit. This style of skirt suits just about any type of accessory but the key is to keep it simple. For example if you team your pleated skirt with a thin belt – a great way to show off your waist by the way, you might want to stay clear of statement jewellery.

Be creative with LUXE

Far from preppy, pleated skirts can provide you with the chance to create a cool, sophisticated look. Embrace your inner rock star and get a little creative when you decide to wear one. The right pleated skirt for your body-shape can make you look smoking hot if you team it with some mind-blowing accessories, beautiful footwear and a phenomenal top!