Monday, January 04, 2016

Pinterest Reveals Trends to Watch Out for in 2016

Pinterest recently revealed the fashion trends you need to watch out for this year. Luxe Models reviews what they think is going to be big in 2016.

Pinterest 100

‘Pinterest’ is a visual-focused social networking website. It allows users to visually share and discover new trends by posting (known as ‘pinning’ on Pinterest) images and videos to their own or others’ ‘boards’ (a collection ‘pins’ that usually have a common theme).

The site is rapidly becoming the place where new fashion trends emerge, as many people are starting to post pictures of looks and styles they like to their boards on Pinterest. The social networking site gathers data from its 100 million users every year to compiled the annual Pinterest 100 – a curated board of fashion trend predictions for the coming year. They recently released the Pinterest 100 list for 2016 – so what trends should you keep an eye out for next year?

Adele eyes

2015 was the year of Adele. The British singer-song writer released her highly anticipated album 25 in November 2015 and it was huge. Pinterest noted that people posted a lot of pictures of the ‘Adele eye,’ depicting the singers’ signature cat-eye makeup, last year. With stars such as Diane Kruger and Jennifer Hudson also adopting the style, it could be everywhere in 2016.

No rules

According to Pinterest, 2016 will be the year we all decide to throw every fashion rule in the book out the window. Mixing textures and patterns, normally something of a no-no in fashion, will be in. Expect to see a lot of crazy cool, if somewhat offbeat, outfits on the streets next year. If you want to try this trend go really avante garde and team a wacky outfit with statement sunglasses or vintage broaches (which will also be huge in the next 12 months), so really go all out!

Belt bags

Anyone who remembers the 90s will recall that it was the decade of the ‘bum bag.’ These very distinct items flew out of fashion at a pace we can only call stunning in the 2000s, but Pinterest noted people are starting to like them again. US news outlet Today reported that these items, which have been re-christened ‘belt begs’ and reimagined in leather and suede, are set to be everywhere in 2016.


If you’re a fan of the low-key look, you’ll be happy to hear that ‘Athleisure’ is predicted to be a big trend this year. ‘Athleisure’ is basically used to describe the act of wearing gym clothes while out and about. Pinterest revealed that athleisure looks were ‘pinned’ 21 million times in 2015 – so it’s only going to get bigger going forward. It might be time to break out your trainers and yoga pants!


Androgyny was one of the biggest fashion events of 2015. Don’t expect this gender-blurring trend to go anywhere this year; online pop culture publication Popsugar noted Pinterest believes 2016 will be the “year of androgyny.”  Women everywhere will be wearing classically masculine pieces such as relaxed denim and tailored blazers over the course of the coming 12 months.

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Of course, there’s only so much Pinterest can predict. The site used the pictures people posted in 2015 to determine what would be hot in the world of fashion in 2016. However, you never really know what’ going to happen when it comes to fashion.  Check back to the Luxe Models blog to find out about the biggest style trends set to rock the world of fashion this year!