Friday, August 12, 2016

How to Wear a Drop Waist Dress

A recent article from the Daily Record reveals that a drop waist dress is one of this summer’s hottest trends. So how can you pull off this bold, daring piece with style over the next few months? LUXE Models explains how to wear a drop waist dress like a boss in summer 2016!

Embrace prints

 Use drop waist dresses to display your flair for fashion by wearing something with a fantastic print. You could go for a classic check print to make it work in the day, before swapping this out for a vibrant floral print to glam up for the evening. If you want to be really exciting, you could also mix patterns with prints, which is really in right now!

Work your accessories

 Accessories are key to getting drop waist dresses right. Find the right accessory to go with your dress and you can ensure it works for all occasions. Let’s say you’re wearing a classic drop waist to go shopping in the day. Team it with a light scarf to create a relaxed vibe. Then you could exchange your scarf for a brilliant statement necklace, so you’re ready for a night on the tiles!
Check out the drop waist dress ideas on the full article with LUXE Models