Monday, June 23, 2014

What Top Five Timeless Classics Hang in the Luxe Models Wardrobe?

At Luxe Models we know that some pieces simply never go out of style, and you should do everything you can to cling onto them; what are the top five staples you should keep in your wardrobe?

Some Clothes Just Never Go Out of Style

The nature of fashion is change; trends come and go, pieces flit in and out of style and you’re often left in a daze simply keeping trying to keep up! That’s because a trend is something that seems interesting at the time, but eventually looks stale and dated.

However even in fashion there are some styles of clothing so vaunted, so beloved, that they simply never go out of vogue. They’re pieces that are versatile, that you can match with just about anything, and that always come in handy when you have no idea what to wear.

The Top Five from Luxe Models

So that begs the question, what in your wardrobe will never go out of style? It’s a hard thing to pull off, but these top five pieces definitely work as timeless classics that you’d be an idiot to throw away:

1)      Little Black Dress: We couldn’t have had a conversation about wardrobe staples without mention of the Little Black Dress (LBD). The LBD is suitable for just about any occasion, can be matched with every accessory under the sun and always looks fabulous!

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2)      Dark-Wash Boot Cut Jeans: It’s amazing what you can do with a classic pair of jeans; wear them for work, jazz them up with a sparkly top for a night out etc. It comes no more classic than dark-wash, always slimming, and boot cut, which is neither slim enough, nor wide enough, to make you look as though you’ve fallen victim to the latest trend.

3)      A White Dress Shirt: A staple of any work wardrobe, the white dress shirt defines simple elegance, however it also works on a more casual basis, if you lightly roll up the sleeves, untuck it and leave it un-ironed for that sexy ruffled look.

4)      A Black Blazer:  A classic black blazer looks good no matter what. Sharp, simple and elegant, you can wear it in the summer, winter, at work, on a night out, to a coffee date etc., it never not looks good!

5)      Ballet Flats: When you get sick of heels you’ll want a pair of ballet flats, and the best thing about them is that they really do look good with anything. Wear with jeans for a classic look or team with a cocktail dress and tights for a night on the tiles. Glamorous, yet so amazingly comfortable!

There’s a rule to remember when thinking about what pieces your wardrobe can’t do without; if it’s versatile, comfortable, yet can be accessorised to look glamorous, it’s a timeless classic you should never let go of!

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