Monday, February 09, 2015

Oh No Rihanna, What Were You Thinking?!

A new snap of one of the world’s famous pop stars that came to our attention recently has caused Luxe Models to ask this week; oh no Rihanna, what were you thinking?!

The Evolution of Rihanna’s Fashion Sense

Luxe Models hasn’t always lauded Rihanna as a fashion icon. Our love of the Bajan beauty has evolved over time as she’s grown into her sense of style.

Back in her ‘Pon de Replay’ days Rihanna looked no different than every other teenage starlet looking to make a name for themselves in the music industry. Yet by the time megahit ‘Umbrella’ first inched onto the air waves it was quite clear that Riri had grown up a little, and with her trend-setting new haircut, sleek threads and effortless makeup it was quite clear that the ‘Take a Bow’ singer was taking her first steps towards establishing herself as a fashion icon.

Luxe Models is So Disappointed in Rihanna!

Which she very much is in 2015. The intervening years following ‘Umbrella’ have seen Rihanna become just as famous for her daring, provocative wardrobe choices as her infectious pop ditties. We still can’t forget that fabulous sheer dress she wore at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards!

That’s why we were so disappointed recently when the Daily Mail brought to our attention one Rihanna wardrobe choice that proved even she doesn’t get it right all the time! She rocked up to a recording studio in West Hollywood last Wednesday sporting an outfit that made us want to gouge our eyes out with a rusty spoon.

The Kids from Saved by the Bell Called…

At this point we hear you asking; what outfit could Rihanna of all people have worn that was bad enough to make LuxeModels want to gouge their own eyes out?’ Just you wait…

Riri chose to arrive at a recording studio rocking a long, loose and layered blue and white checked dress which descended down over her knees, teamed with a cropped yet distinctly unstylish leather jacket. Riri, the kids from Saved by the Bell called, they want their wardrobes back! She may have saved the look if she’d chosen to flash a little leg. Instead she opted by chunky light-blue boyfriend jeans and non-descript lace-up trainers.

You Get What We Mean

As such, we’re fairly sure you understand why the sight of this one picture alone spurred Luxe Models to ask; oh no Rihanna, what were you thinking?! A woman with fashion credentials as pronounced as Rihanna’s really should know better!!