Monday, March 02, 2015

Did Madonna’s Fall Save the BRITS?

Last week Madonna took a tumble at the BRITS whilst performing her latest single ‘Living for Love.’ At Luxe Models we believe that this actually saved the biggest night in British music; here’s why.

There’s only one reason we care about the BRITS

Back in the 80’s, 90’s and even the 00’s there was only one reason we cleared our schedules so we could watch the BRIT Awards every time it rolled around.

Luxe Models Madonna Fall Brits

It wasn’t to see who won the awards. We don’t really care about finding out who the music industry thinks deserves pat on the back. It wasn’t for the thank you speeches. We’d rather watch paint dry than waste more valuable time out of our lives listening to some tearful pop starlet thank “mum, god and all my fans for this award.” No, we tuned in like clockwork every year to see what would go wrong.

We can’t wait to see what’ll go wrong

The BRIT awards were once notorious as the one award show where something was bound to go wrong at some point. The BRITS have spawned some of the most iconic moments in music history; and we’re not talking about the performances.

Case in point. Michael Jackson and Jarvis Cocker. The Pulp frontman chose to run across the stage, lift his shirt and point his behind in Jackson’s direction whilst the latter was performing ‘Earth Song’ at the 1996 BRIT Awards. Bloody hilarious! The BRITS used to be chock full of these moments and they’re what made the show great.

Madonna Luxe Models

Madonna saves the BRIT Awards!

Until recently. The last few years have seen a distinct lack of accidents, random acts of rebellion and occasional drunken incidents. Performers have actually started toeing the line at the ceremony that was once famous for its ability to provide a juicy tabloid headline like clockwork every year.

And we switched off. We didn’t care about the BRIT Awards anymore. Until last week. Last week Madonna fell off some steps as she tripped over her cape (!) whilst performing her latest single ‘Living for Love.’ Suddenly we cared again. So did everyone else. According to Digital Spy it was all over Twitter.

We rest our case

In other words Madonna got people talking about the BRIT Awards again. Her massive screw up reminded us that the BRITS are a treasured institution because something is bound to go wrong, not in spite of it. If this doesn’t prove that her epic tumble saved the biggest night in UK music, nothing does! 

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