Monday, July 22, 2013

Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Style

After much speculation, it's been confirmed that Kate Middleton has gone in to labour. 

She's being taken to St Mary's Hospital in Paddington where she will give birth. LUXE Models can’t wait to meet the latest royal, although we will miss Kate’s impeccable pregnancy style! In honour of the soon-to-be -born, we have compiled a list of the best outfits that Kate has sported over the last 9 months and some of them are from the high street! 

The floral ‘floaty dress’

‘Floaty’ dresses could have been invented especially for pregnancy as they flatter a woman’s figure and her baby bump perfectly. 

Although baby bumps are something to be proud, towards the end of the pregnancy the bump can become too big for fitted dresses which can make a person look like they are about to pop out of it. 

‘Floaty’ dresses still allow for a mother-to-be to show off the bump, just more elegantly. Kate loved these style of dresses throughout her pregnancy, especially the ones with floral print, giving her that stylish ‘mumsy’ look.

The long coat

Kate could probably open various coat stores with the amount she's worn in the past nine months. Long coats are perfect for pregnancies as they allow for much more room. Kate has been seen wearing an array of brightly coloured coats, which she has often worn more than once. Not only does this show she's not scared to stand out from the crowd, but the public can even relate to her more as she wears an outfit more than once - unlike many celebs nowadays! 


Kate also caught people’s attention with the heels she continued to wear throughout her pregnancy. Determined not to let her pregnancy cramp her style, Kate wore various sets of classy heels and claimed plenty of plaudits.

So there, that is how Kate kept our attention, with a classy look that complimented her figure, rather than making it look like she was about to burst! LUXE Models are now looking forward to seeing the clothes the baby is kitted out in, our guess is that they will be even more stylish!