Monday, September 29, 2014

Five Summer Trends from Milan Fashion Week

Continuing our series of summer 2015 trends, this week Luxe Models bring you five trends from Milan Fashion week you’ll be rocking next summer!

This Week, It Was Milan’s Turn

We’re almost through Fashion Month now. We know, we’re saddened too, but what a Fashion month it’s been. So far we’ve had New York and London, and with the re-introduction of the bucket bag and alpha plaits at the former, and the presentation of nail decoration and elephant ponies at the latter, we already know our wardrobes are going to look fabulous next summer.

Last week it was the turn of Milan, and what a show! Seeing as Milan is known for its uber-sophisticated take on fashion, it’s always an absolute delight, but this years was a sight for sore eyes, as we bore witness to the introduction of a number of exciting new trends.

Fashion Luxe Models

You’ll No Doubt Be Rocking These Five Trends

We loved them all, but for this article Luxe Models had to choose, and we managed to slim it down to the following five trends from Milan Fashion Week you’ll no doubt be rushing to try out in summer 2015…

1)      Culottes: Whilst they’ve been a bit of a niche trend this summer, culottes are set to explode next year. You won’t be able to look left or right without seeing them, if designers such as Giorgio Armani, Jil Sander and Gucci are to be believed, who all featured daring takes on culottes in Milan.

2)      Glitter: Simple has been the word of the year in New York and London – i.e. the alpha plait, but as ever, Milan bucked the trend, by embracing glitter strewn clothing. It was literally sprinkled throughout Milan this year, but a highlight has to be Dolce and Gabbana’s interpretation; crystal studded jeans. How can this not be everywhere in summer 2015?

3)      Wacky Flats: Even Milan seems to be getting tired of heels, and took to embracing the flats craze with gusto this year. But of course, they had to be different, and as such we saw a range of wacky flats strutting down the catwalk this year i.e. Fausto Puglisi’s crystal-flecked pool sliders, that were all so gorgeous, we’re sure high street chains are already ordering their production en masse.

4)      Boutique Tied Waists: Milan went all out glam when it came to belts this Fashion Week, introducing the bouquet tied waist to the world. Sportmax achieved the look most easily, parading checked coats which were cinched with generous blots of fringed black leather, a look we know we’ll be chomping at the bit to try for ourselves next summer!

5)      Normcore Hair: We’ve seen a lot of understated hair this year, and for once, Milan followed suit with its own take on normcore hair. Whether it was at Prada, Sportmax or Gucci, models were strutting down the runway with up-dos and ponytails in waves, showing us that next summer, we can all take the time to relax when it comes to our hair.

Check Back to the Luxe Models Blog to Hear About Paris!

And that’s Milan Fashion week done, and Fashion Month almost done, with five more trends you’re sure to be trying out for yourself next summer. Check back to the Luxe Models blog next week for the biggie – Paris!

Monday, September 22, 2014

What Clothes to Take to University

With freshers once again taking over the nation, Luxe Models turns its attention to student fashion this week by letting you know what clothes to take to university.

You So Don’t Know What to Pack Right Now!

Right about now, Luxe Models can imagine that you’re sitting in your room, surfing the net and distinctly avoiding looking behind you. That is because we can almost guarantee that what is behind you is a massive pile of your finest glad rags.

You’re packing for uni, and Luxe Models knows what an exhausting task that can be. You want to take everything with you – you have so many beautiful clothes, why wouldn’t you – but you can’t. Your parents don’t have a car big enough, and you know that once you hit campus, you’re not going to want to come back to pick up a second load for your uni wardrobe

Uni Clothes Luxe Models

A Few Uni Wardrobe Essentials

You have quite a conundrum on hand, but the thing is that Luxe Models has seen it all before, through working with models who are going to uni at the same time. These girls are experts at packing for a year at a higher institution of learning, and they have taught us that you need to pack…

·         The Basics: Don’t ditch the basics like socks and knickers to pack an extra frock just because you think you can get by without. When your clean supply runs out, you’ll so regret it.

·         Winter Wear: It’s not quite winter yet, but it’s just around the corner. That’s why you should avoid packing light summer clothes, which you can pick up when you’re back for Christmas break, and pack winter gear like coats, jumpers, cardigans, scarves etc.

·         Bags: Of course, you’re not complete without a bag, but which bag should you bring? Generally, we’d suggest a two pronged approach. Pack both a satchel and a going out bag, as you’ll need both. You’ll regret it if you have to take a glittery clutch to lectures!

·         Little Black Dress: A big part of uni is going out, but you don’t have space for a different frock for every night. That is why you should always take an LBD with you, so that you can accessorise it and use it again and again, leaving space in your wardrobe and your suitcase for other things!

·         A Selection of White T’s: Basically, you never know when you’ll need one for a themed night out, and you don’t want to be spending money that you could be spending out on the tiles on a white T to decorate. Also, pack glitter pens to decorate!

Focus on Looking and Feeling Fabulous!

Your three years at uni are the best time of your life, and you need to make sure you look fabulous for every single second, which is why ultimately, Luxe Models would suggest that when you’re thinking about what to take to uni, you just focus on looking and feeling fabulous!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence: Back In Business

Now that the dust has almost settled on what was arguably one of the most controversial and scandalous moments in fashion in 2014, at Luxe Models, we’re super excited to see our girl Jennifer Lawrence back to her best.

Phone Hacking

Poor Jen’s had quite a stressful past few months. Phone hacking, nude photos, lawsuits; the list isn’t a nice one at all. But, being the powerhouse that she, Jennifer has picked herself up and got on with her life. And here at Luxe Models, we respect her so much for that.

Jennifer Lawrence Luxe Models

Dior Campaign

Recently, Jennifer Lawrence has been back in the headlines, but this time with her clothes well and truly on. Photos from her recent campaign with fashion powerhouse Dior were released recently, showing a confident and striking Jennifer Lawrence, dressed from head to toe in smouldering black.

Shot by prolific photographer Patrick Demarchelier, Jen’s new photos show a more professional side, with the 24 year old in a number of black suits and accenting handbags. And wow, does she look good! This marks her fourth campaign with Dior, so look out for more in the future.
The Hunger Games & Serena

Not only has Jennifer been busy in the photography studio it seems, but she’s also set to come back on our movies screens in a big way with the up-coming release of American period drama ‘Serena’ and all out blockbuster ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1’.

Starring alongside Luxe Models favourite Bradley Cooper again in ‘Serena’, which tells the tale of love and loss in 1930s North Carolina, Jennifer plays a gutsy wife of a successful business man – and again, looks stunning in the process.

As well as ‘Senera’ – set for release on the 24th of October – Jennifer is also set to return in one of her most celebrated roles in the new instalment of ‘The Hunger Games’. So try and hold in your excitement, things are going to get crazy.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Luxe Models Go Crazy over Royal Baby 2!

Just like the rest of the world, we’ve gone crazy here at Luxe Models recently, at the announcement that a second royal baby is on the way.

Literally Everyone’s Excited that Kate’s Expecting

Last week, literally all anybody could talk about – especially in the Luxe Models office – was the fact that Kate and Wills are expecting their second child. According to the BBC, the couple were once again forced to make their announcement before the 12 week date, because Kate is suffering from acute morning sickness.

Despite the heaving, the couple are of course delighted by the news, as is the royal family (Charles wants a girl this time – bless!), the Prime Minister, celebrities on both sides of the pond, the Twitterverse, the Facebookverse, Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort and even those who are still nothing but a twinkle in their fathers eye!

Luxe Models Kate Middleton Photo

Oh God No, Not Baby Watch Again.

The point we’re trying to make is that there is literally no one in the world – real or imagined, who doesn’t find this news so outstandingly amazing. Essentially, Luxe Models smells another nine months of baby watch.

Does anybody remember the hell we all went through the last time Kate was pregnant. It wouldn’t have been so bad, if the media hadn’t insisted on making a spectacle of the whole thing. Kate couldn’t cough without it making international headlines. Even Fox News cared about it, that’s how big baby watch was last time.

Kate, just who is Your Bump Wearing?

So yes, we’re annoyed that we’re in for yet another painstaking nine months of following Kate’s pregnancy likes it’s a religion, but there is a silver lining to all this. We’re treated once again to the glory that is the Duchess of Cambridge’s maternity wardrobe.

We’ve waxed lyrical about Kate’s sense of fashion before, but she steps it up when she’s expecting. We get to ask all the questions we want to know – who’s designing her maternity wear, can she pull off a bump for a second time? Will she go all normal on us and re-wear any of her maternity clothes from last time?

A Silver Lining To Help Luxe Models Endure the Torture of Baby Watch!

So baby watch has descended on us again, but at least we get to salivate over Mrs Prince William’s fabulous maternity wardrobe and at Luxe Models, the expectation of designer maternity wear of the highest calibre makes baby watch somewhat easier to bear. 

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Monday, September 08, 2014

Iconic, Controversial Comedienne Joan Rivers Passes Away

This week Luxe Models wants to take the time to pay tribute to the life, times, controversies, jokes and fashion of the late Joan Rivers.

Joan Rivers Passes Away at the Age of 81

There are few people who are just out and out unafraid to say what is on their minds, and who use that honesty to make their mark on popular culture and break down barriers. Iconic (and controversial) comedienne Joan Rivers was one of those people.

Which is why it was so unfortunate that Joan Rivers passed away last night at the age of 81. Celebrities from Kathy Griffin to Jimmy Fallon to Ellen DeGeneres have paid tribute to the legend that was the funny woman, and now it’s Luxe Models turn.

Joan Rivers Luxe Models

From Rags to Riches, the Joan Rivers Story

Joan Rivers was simply outstanding. Born to humble beginnings in New York in 1933, it didn’t take long for Rivers - who originally wanted to be an actress - to find her knack for comedy, playing any gig she could get in the 50’s and early 60’s, before she hit the big time with her appearance on the Tonight Show with legendary comedic forebear Johnny Carson in 1965.

From there, her career went into the stratosphere, as she became a staple on US and UK telly in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Yet her career was known for its many lows, and after appearing on the Tonight Show for a number of years, she launched a new rival show, The Late Show, on then-emerging network Fox in 1986. It tanked, and long-time friend Carson never spoke to her again.

Joan River’s Epic Career in Fashion Commentary

Yet, like the idol she was, she picked herself up by her boot straps, dusted herself off and got back in the game, fronting successful shows such as In Bed with Joan, bringing her unique brand of outrageous humour to a whole new audience. But it is for her career in the world of fashion that Luxe Models will most remember Joan Rivers.

Don’t get us wrong, she was certainly no designer, but she was one of the best fashion commentators there’s ever been. Back in the 90’s, the funny woman fronted E!’s red carpet coverage, and she never shied away from a chance to tell an A-Lister just how hideous their posh frock is! Furthermore, she is known for recently co-hosting E!’s celebrity fashion show, Fashion Police, where she brought her biting critique of celeb wardrobe mishaps to a whole new generation.

She Was One of a Kind

So we at Luxe Models salute you Joan Rivers, you were truly one of a kind. Anybody who was honest enough to tell a celebrity that their outfit just plain sucked to their face is someone this world will sorely miss!

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Monday, September 01, 2014

Welcome to the New Celeb Craze: The Ice Bucket Challenge

This week Luxe Models introduces you to the latest wacky celeb craze; otherwise known as the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Luxe Models Loves a Good Celeb Craze

We’ve got to admit, we love a good celeb craze here at Luxe Models. Usually it involves them doing or wearing something monumentally stupid, and it’s always good for a right ‘ole chuckle. Even if some of the celeb fashion crazes have left us reaching for the phone to get a hold of the fashion police.

And now it appears that there’s a new celeb craze in town; the Ice Bucket challenge. As we’re about to show you, yes it really is as insane as it sounds, but it’s all the name of a good cause. Like celebs would do it for any other reason!

Luxe Models Ice Bucket Challenge

What is the Ice Bucket Challenge?

The ice bucket challenge is quite simple. Basically, you are nominated by someone on social media to have a bucket of ice cold water poured over your head. Then, you nominate three other people to do the same thing in the next 24 hours!

It’s almost like a philanthropic version of NekNominate; without having to swallow a live goldfish or ride drunk on a horse through your local Tesco’s, and it’s all for a good cause. The challenge was designed to raise awareness of a condition called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, otherwise known as ALS or motor neurone disease.

Which Celebs are doing the Ice Bucket Challenge?

So far, a whole host of celebs have jumped on the bandwagon, including Lady Gaga, Hugh Jackman, David Beckham and Tom Cruise. Simon Cowell looked hilarious doing it, and then went on to nominate fellow X Factor judges Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Louis Walsh and Mel B to give it a go!

But the most outlandish example has to be Charlie Sheen. Just because Sheen always has to be a maverick, he decided to pour ice on himself instead, and then donate $10,000 to the cause. OK, he did technically cheat, but we think we’ll forgive him… this time.

You Probably Shouldn’t Try This One at Home

This is the latest celebrity craze, that like the rest, you probably shouldn’t try at home. Luxe Models is just thankful that this time, it doesn’t include any questionable items of clothing that we wouldn’t want to be caught dead in!

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