Monday, December 28, 2015

Five Exciting Trends to Watch Out for in Spring/Summer 2016

With New Year just around the corner, Luxe Models reveals five exciting trends you need to watch out for as we move into spring/summer 2016.

70s suede

If you thought fashion’s love affair with the 70s was over, think again. Fashion month’s spring/summer 2016 show proved that 70s-style suede – the must have material of the decade that featured at shows from Jonathan Saunders and Rebecca Minkoff, is set to become huge at the beginning of next year.

Victorian style

If you watched the Emilia Wickstead, Erdem and J.W. Anderson shows closely this time around, you’ll have noticed that modesty’s set to make a comeback. Classic Victorian styles such as high-collar necklines, puffy sleeves, bold lace and ruffles will be everywhere come spring.

Flat shoes

We thanked our lucky stars when flat shoes came roaring back into fashion, and it looks as though the trend is here to stay… at least until spring/summer 2016 anyway. If you want to nail this one right we suggest you check out brands such as Edun, Victoria Beckham and Trademark that have jazzed the footwear staple up for the modern market.

Low-rise trousers

The revival of the 70s has re-popularised high-rise trousers. Designers such as Derek Lam and Rosie Assoulin showed that they’re tired of the trend by switching to classic 90s low-rise trousers for their spring/summer 2016 collections.

Cut out tops

It’s never been more fashionable to embrace the subtle sex appeal of bared shoulders, and this is set to continue for quite a while yet. We noticed that several designers at Fashion month spring/summer 2016, including Wes Gordon and Rachel Zoe, championed the look with cool cut out tops and dresses that are bound to be all over the high street next year.

Get ready

If our instincts turn out to be correct, these style are destined to be huge in spring/summer 2016. We suggest you burn a little of that Christmas cash in the sales and start stocking up now, so you can get yourself ready to craft a few killer outfits next year! 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How to Wear Metallic Colours

According to Elle, one of the biggest fashion magazines in the world, metallic shades were huge in 2015. These exciting tones are bold, bright and beautiful, allowing you to let your inner fashion goddess shine, which is why we think they might be just as popular in 2016!

But they can be a bit ‘out there;’ metallics are kind of hard to pull off, so many women choose to refrain from wearing them. If you want to embrace the metallic trend, check out these five tips from the Luxe Models team to find out how to rock these shiny tones.

Keep it simple

As a rule of thumb, we’d suggest you stick to wearing one metallic piece of clothing per outfit. If you opt for two or more, you could end up resembling a character from a sci-fi movie. Keep it simple and pair metallics with more subtle pieces to nail this daring trend.

Consider colour

Metallics can be kind of tricky – they don’t go with every colour, so we’d suggest you pair them with clothes in neutral tones to play it safe. Silver metallics work fabulously with whites, greys and blacks, while gold and copper metallics go better with pinks, creams and greys.

Opt for the right fit

Metallic pieces show off everything. Therefore if you choose to wear metallic clothing that’s too short or too tight, these pieces could provide your body with a distinctly unflattering silhouette. Make sure you know your body’s measurements and opt for metallic pieces that fit you like a glove.

Hair and makeup

When it comes to metallics subtlety is key, so you might want to keep your hair and makeup simple when you don these brilliant pieces. As far as hair goes, you may want to either let it fly free or keep it loosely curled. Meanwhile, opt for makeup in neutral tones such as white, grey and black to emphasise, without overcrowding, this dazzling look.

Be fearless

Here we turn to one of the most basic rules of fashion – confidence is everything. Work metallics fearlessly and without hesitation. If you wear these statement items with trepidation you’ll look uncomfortable, and you can’t pull them off without a good dash of confidence!

Rock metallic clothing!

We can understand why many women hesitate to wear metallic clothing, but you really don’t need to. If you follow these tips presented by the Luxe Models team, you’ll have everything you need to rock metallic items in 2016! 

Monday, December 14, 2015

How to Pose in Photos

It’s Christmas season, so you might be attending a few parties in the next few weeks. Some people tend to take a lot of pictures at holiday shindigs. If you don’t want a tonne of embarrassing snaps ending up on Instagram, you need to know how pose for them. Here are a few tips from the Luxe Models team to help you out! 

Find your light

Do you know why film stars are always going on about lighting so much? Because it matters. Before you let someone take your picture, make sure you’re standing in light which flatters your features. If it’s really dark ask the person taking the snap to use flash, so you receive enough light.

Tilt your head

Don’t look at the camera dead on – this pose will make your face look wider, larger, or even slightly discoloured. Tilt your head slightly to either side when you pose for a picture instead! You might also want to look at something that’s just above your natural line of sight, to ensure you look natural.

Angle your body

If you read celeb gossip magazines you’ll know that famous people use a certain trick to ensure they look fabulous when they’re snapped on the red carpet. Take your cue from them; if you angle your body 45 degrees when someone takes a photo of you, you’ll look stunning!

Learn to smile

We’ve all had that one picture where we’re giving the most awkward smile known to man. The key to perfecting the ‘picture smile’ is to smile like the camera isn’t on you. A ‘natural’ smile is universally flattering, and it gives you the chance to decide how much teeth you want to show, so you can make sure the resulting picture is a corker!

Have some fun

If you look uncomfortable when someone takes your photo, it’ll show. That’s why we suggest you do a little experimenting and have some fun when you pose for a picture. This’ll lend you the air of confidence you need to take a breath-taking holiday snap.

Make sure to practice

Now you’ve got these tips, find out which pose works best for you and practice it until the cows come home! You may feel silly posing in front of a mirror for hours on end, but it’ll give you the confidence you need shine the next time someone puts the camera on you!

Monday, December 07, 2015

How to dress for a busy schedule

Some of the world’s top designers and stylish women work from 9-5 with a variety of taxing tasks. So how do they cope with the everyday struggle between practicality and glamour?

From the professionals

Leila Yavari, Stylebop’s fashion director, is often on the go and travels between Los Angeles, London, Iran and the rest of Europe regularly. She’s found that power and protection comes from her wardrobe. But how does she pack for business class?

Having grown up in Iran and moved to London via Bordeaux and Los Angeles, she’s learned to appreciate diversity. With political implications needing to be monitored closely in Iran, she’s also learned ways to flaunt your inner beauty and subtly look glamorous. That includes jewellery, eye makeup and choice of accessories, bags and shoes has also become increasingly important.

Busy schedules

You should always dress to impress, regardless of how busy your schedule is. Don’t dwell too much on what you need to wear and go for practical items which can go with multiple outfits. Tailored camel trousers, a cashmere knit, a long-line navy blazer, or a crisp white blouse are simple items which tend to look classy and can be reused without looking worn.


If you’ve got to get to a meeting in your hectic schedule, then you can’t let on how rushed you’re feeling or may be. You need to mean business, and dress with a clean, long line which makes you look put together and exudes confidence. A suit, a sleek turtle neck with a fluted skirt or even a fluid blouse with wide-leg trousers can work well and look professional. Weather-proof boots are quickly becoming the staple of fashion, so why not try those with an outfit?

Day to night strategy

A set of high heels is really the most effective way to go from the meeting room to the dance floor. A casual blazer can also play a part in transforming your look, even if you’re wearing jeans or a blouse. A dab of red lipstick can also act as a mood enhancer. 

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Five Tips for Layering Clothes This Winter

With temperatures set to drop in the next few weeks, you should start thinking about how you can ward off the chill. But how do you stay warm without committing a crime against fashion? You could always layer up your outfit! Here are five tips you can use to make sure you master the art of layering the winter.

Mix smart and casual

If you add a designer piece to a high street wardrobe you can craft a killer outfit. The same principle applies here. If you’re looking to make a high-end dress or shirt work for daytime, pair it with more casual items like a light cardigan, a hipster-style leather handbag or a good old fashioned button-up.

Be careful with colours and patterns

By all means layer different colours and patterns to inject a little excitement into your look – but be careful how you do it. If you’re thinking about pairing stripes, for example, don’t team them with more stripes – go for subtle leopard print or polka dots instead. Meanwhile before you wear two items of different colours consult the Pantone colour chart to make sure they don’t clash!

Work with different sizes

How do you layer on a really cold day? You could always team a beautiful cable knit jumper (so in right now!) with a more form fitting shirt or blouse. The loose/form fitting contrast will provide you with an outfit that oozes cool, laid-back sophistication. Add some statement stilettos, subtle jewellery or a pair of ripped jeans to complete the look!

Think carefully about jewellery

Here we need to think about a cardinal rule of fashion – less is more. You really need to think carefully about jewellery before you add any to a layered up outfit. Don’t overcrowd your body; either go for subtle items or opt for one statement piece. Make sure you know how to wear bold pieces – Luxe Models has explained how to pull off statement necklaces, before you even think of trying this out!

Try out a belt

When in doubt, try out a belt. The danger with layering is that it involves so many clothes you can really detract from your beautiful shape if you’re not careful. If you want to avoid this just wrap a belt around your waist or under your bust to add some definition to your shape. Be careful which type of belt you pick though – you don’t want to wear a thin belt with an outfit that’d really work better with a thicker one!

Hunt down some ideas

Now you’ve got the basics down, why don’t you try layering up for yourself! The Luxe Models team has recently written an article which’ll provide you with some fantastic ideas on how you can layer up your wardrobe to create a fabulous outfit this winter!