Monday, March 30, 2015

Sophie Hunter (Cumberbatch) Stuns in Valentino Wedding Dress

Hunky heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch and theatre director Sophie Hunter finally tied the knot on Valentine’s Day. Pictures of Hunter’s wedding dress have been released and Luxe Models has got to say, she looked absolutely fabulous!

Who wouldn’t swoon!

We were not pleased to hear the name Sophie Hunter. Benedict Cumberbatch is the epitome of the British leading man. His smooth upper crust accent, cut-glass cheekbones, buff bod and smouldering orbs are enough to make anyone swoon.

In other words there’s more than one person in the Luxe Models office who has a crush on the Sherlock actor. That’s why we went into mourning last year when Cumberbatch took out an ad in The Times to announce his engagement to a woman by the name of Sophie Hunter.

Sophie Hunter Luxe Models

What a woman

The green eyed monster faded the minute we clapped eyes on an article on Your Tango in the aftermath of the shock announcement. As it turns out, the now-Mrs Cumberbatch is a spectacular woman.

Check this out. She’s an Oxford graduate. She has a degree in modern foreign languages from the exclusive university. Furthermore Hunter is a celebrated director of plays and operas. She won a Samuel Beckett award for The Terrific Electric, which she wrote and directed. She’s also an actress who’s appeared in small screen staples like Midsomer Murders and Torchwood.

Luxe Models falls in love with Sophie Hunter’s wedding dress

We’re starting to think she’s the one who’s too good for him. Now it turns out she’s got a killer fashion sense too. Legendary photographer Annie Leibowitz recently photographed the director in her wedding dress for US Vogue. We never knew we could fall in love with a piece of clothing.

Benedict Cumberbatch Luxe Models

What a vision. Hunter chose a floor-length silver lace Valentino Haute Coutre gown with impeccable embroidery for her big day. A demure yet inspired creation, the long-sleeved dress boasted a subtle empire waistline which set Hunter’s statuesque figure off to perfection whilst discreetly disguising her growing baby bump.

The perfect start to married life

We’d have paid a million pounds to be a fly on the wall at that wedding. At Luxe Models we reckon the Imitation Game star fell in love with his bride all over again the minute she started walking down the aisle. In that dress, who wouldn’t fall in love with her!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Luxe Models ask: Who is Natalia Kills?

Pop star Natalia Kills hit the headlines last week after being fired from the X Factor in New Zealand for bullying a contestant. This whole debacle has left Luxe Models wondering; who is Natalia Kills?

Natalia Kills, a mini biography

Born Natalia Noemi Cappuccini-Sincliar, Natalia Kills is a singer and actress who’s originally from Bradford. After being signed to a record label by in 2008, Kills went on to release a few albums before securing a role on New Zealand’s version of the X Factor.

You may not have heard a single track this woman has ever released, but you’ll have certainly heard of some of the artists she’s worked with. It reads like a who’s who of the world of cutting-edge pop. Not only has she worked extensively with the Black Eyed Peas frontman, in some form or another, she’s also worked with Katy Perry (supporting her on tour) and even Madonna.

Natalia Kills bullies contestant on live TV

Yet we doubt any of music’s finest will be picking up the phone to work with the Bradford lass after what she got up to on New Zealand’s version of the X Factor recently.

If you haven’t already heard (have you been living under a rock?) the story goes a little something like this. Kills and her husband Willy Moon, a singer-songwriter of New Zealand origin, are both judges on the show. They traversed the bounds of decent behaviour recently when they verbally eviscerated contestant Joe Irvine following his performance of the classic pop staple, ‘Cry Me a River.’ We won’t repeat what they said but it’s pretty brutal.

“Many sides to this story.”

The two were fired within hours and the world blew up. Kills and Moon have been slated across social media, the press and the world of celebrity. UK X Factor judge Louis Walsh even said that she’d never work again.

Yet Kills has finally spoken out on the incident. Billboard quoted the songstress saying that "I feel like everyone needs to put the idea of it being a manufactured conspiracy theory behind them, there's really nothing to it." She went on to comment that "I love my husband with all of my heart, we'll stick together no matter what."

She continued: "There are many sides to this story and I am not about to get an entire industry in trouble that has been going on for years and years entertaining the masses, so thank you absolutely everyone for your support. Thank you to all of my fans. Thank you to my husband...I would like to wish Joe Irvine and my boys’ category all the best on the show."

Her career’s probably over

So who is Natalia Kills? Apparently someone who seems pretty unrepentant about verbally lashing out at another human being on live TV. We don’t really need to care who she is anyway, like Walsh said, her career’s probably well and truly over after an incident like this.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Is… that Pamela Anderson?

For what seems like decades, 90s pin up and Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has been teasing men with her honed blonde bombshell look. 

Baywatch beauty

Fierce make up, huge blonde locks, generous cleavage and a figure to die for; Pamela had her look down to a T. She rocked her glamour look to the point that every time we saw her in the mags or papers we expected to see her running slow-mo in a red swim suit across a sandy beach.

But, things are changing. People are changing. Fashion is changing! And guess what, Pamela Anderson is changing.

Pamela Anderson Luxe Models

Her new look

Ditching her signature feel, Pamela has been seen rocking a brand new and completely different look. Appearing at the premiere of the new film ‘The Gunman’ – starring Sean Penn - Pam turned up dressed to kill, almost unrecognisable with a brand new short haircut and loose, revealing gold wrap down.

It’s a mile away from her old look, but there’s still a bit of old Pam left, as she posed to cameras at the premiere. Standing with her 18 year old son, a braless Pamela gritted her teeth to the cameras and was keen to look as nonchalant as possible – whilst looking stunning.

We love it

Here at Luxe Models, we blummin’ love Pam’s new look. And quite frankly, we thought it was about time she moved on to something else. 2015 is coming up Pam.

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Monday, March 09, 2015

Kim Kardashian West Unveils Shocking New ‘Do

Stop the presses. Luxe Models has just learned something that is about to change your lives… alright, change your day at least. Global icon Kim Kardashian West has unveiled her latest hairstyle. It practically broke the internet.

You’ve got to admire Kim Kardashian West

We can’t help but adore the reality TV star here at Luxe Models. OK, she became famous because of a seedy sex tape and a so-obviously-scripted reality TV show but Kim K is so much more than her beginnings.

Love her or hate her, you’ve got to admire her. Kim Kardashian West has capitalised on her five minutes of fame to turn it into the kind of notoriety that could very well last a lifetime. Today she’s a celebrity, business woman and yes, a fashion icon. She’s got a wicked sense of style.

Kim Kardashian Luxe Models Hair

Kardashian West dyes hair dramatic colour

Her flair for fashion was made apparent recently when she unveiled a striking new hairstyle. She died it platinum blonde. Yes, you read right. Platinum blonde.

According to the Guardian the international star unveiled the look as she arrived at the Balmain fashion show at Paris Fashion Week. It looks like she’s intended to keep it under wraps, as he initially arrived at the event complete with big knitted wool hat. However reporters kept spotting little blonde hairs peeking out under the hat so she chose to throw caution to the wind, remove the garment and showcase her new dye-job to the world.

Kim Kardashian West breaks the internet

And promptly the internet broke. Gossip fanatics everywhere immediately took to Twitter to post their opinion of the stars controversial new look. The Daily Mail reported that it spurred a number of Legolas-inspired memes. For the non-geeks out there reading this article, he’s the elf from Lord of the Rings with shocking platinum locks.

Her hair was also compared to that of Draco Malfoy, the teenage nemesis of the title character in the Harry Potter books and movies. The actor who played the pureblood in the film version of the franchise, Tom Felton, even got in on the joke himself. Sharing a picture of Kim's face photoshopped onto the body of his character, the actor tweeted: “So apparently Kanye has a Draco fetish #muse.”

Everyone’s talking about Kim Kardashian West’s new hair

More than anything this just shows how influential Kim Kardashian West has become as an icon of modern fashion and celebrity. Her dramatic new hair style may have been routinely mocked across the internet but everyone was talking about it. That sounds like an icon to us here at Luxe Models!

Monday, March 02, 2015

Did Madonna’s Fall Save the BRITS?

Last week Madonna took a tumble at the BRITS whilst performing her latest single ‘Living for Love.’ At Luxe Models we believe that this actually saved the biggest night in British music; here’s why.

There’s only one reason we care about the BRITS

Back in the 80’s, 90’s and even the 00’s there was only one reason we cleared our schedules so we could watch the BRIT Awards every time it rolled around.

Luxe Models Madonna Fall Brits

It wasn’t to see who won the awards. We don’t really care about finding out who the music industry thinks deserves pat on the back. It wasn’t for the thank you speeches. We’d rather watch paint dry than waste more valuable time out of our lives listening to some tearful pop starlet thank “mum, god and all my fans for this award.” No, we tuned in like clockwork every year to see what would go wrong.

We can’t wait to see what’ll go wrong

The BRIT awards were once notorious as the one award show where something was bound to go wrong at some point. The BRITS have spawned some of the most iconic moments in music history; and we’re not talking about the performances.

Case in point. Michael Jackson and Jarvis Cocker. The Pulp frontman chose to run across the stage, lift his shirt and point his behind in Jackson’s direction whilst the latter was performing ‘Earth Song’ at the 1996 BRIT Awards. Bloody hilarious! The BRITS used to be chock full of these moments and they’re what made the show great.

Madonna Luxe Models

Madonna saves the BRIT Awards!

Until recently. The last few years have seen a distinct lack of accidents, random acts of rebellion and occasional drunken incidents. Performers have actually started toeing the line at the ceremony that was once famous for its ability to provide a juicy tabloid headline like clockwork every year.

And we switched off. We didn’t care about the BRIT Awards anymore. Until last week. Last week Madonna fell off some steps as she tripped over her cape (!) whilst performing her latest single ‘Living for Love.’ Suddenly we cared again. So did everyone else. According to Digital Spy it was all over Twitter.

We rest our case

In other words Madonna got people talking about the BRIT Awards again. Her massive screw up reminded us that the BRITS are a treasured institution because something is bound to go wrong, not in spite of it. If this doesn’t prove that her epic tumble saved the biggest night in UK music, nothing does! 

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