Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Luxe Model’s Top Five Trends to Rock Your Summer Wardrobe

With temperatures already hitting the 20’s, summer is fast approaching. And if you want to keep up with the trends expected to light up the fashion world this season, you’ve come to the right place, as this week Luxe Models gives you its top five trends to stock your wardrobe with this summer!

The winter has passed, the spring rains are dying down and the sun is beaming down hotter than ever. Summer is almost here and we bet you can already smell the salt coming off the Mediterranean beach where you plan to while away the hottest months of the year.

Summer represents its own unique set of sartorial challenges and unfortunately, we Brits have a habit of getting it wrong every time. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that wearing socks with sandals is a faux pas bigger than wearing colour to a black and white ball, but beyond that, you may be a little stumped about what to wear this season.

Fortunately for you, you have Luxe Models in your corner and we’ve been trawling the catwalks to find out the coolest trends you can’t go without in the summer sun. These include:

1)      Flower Power: There’s this misconception that floral prints are best left in the wardrobes of 1950’s housewives, but if done subtly they evoke the natural beauty of the season and they’re bang on trend this year.

2)      Less is More: You may think showing your midriff is best left to long forgotten 90’s pop princesses, but wearing these types of tops is actually a great way to cool off in the summer sun and work on your tan.

3)      A  Marriage of Function and Fashion: Catwalks at the moment are awash with sport-chic ensembles that allow free and easy movement in the sun and keep you bang on trend. Try teaming lightweight jackets with classic sport skirts in muted neon to pull off this one.

4)      Ditch the Iron: We all hate breaking out the iron on a Sunday night to get our clothes nice and crisp for the working week, and this summer, you won’t have to, because creased clothing is well and truly back! Creased skirts are lightweight, stunning and so low maintenance you’ll wish you could wear one every day!

5)      A World of Pure Imagination: If you’re biting your nails and worrying about which colours you need to stock this season, you might want to embrace Technicolor, a trend which is lighting up runways from Milan to New York right now. Go on, be daring!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

What Do You Need to Pull Off the Penny Dreadful Look?

This week critic favourite Penny Dreadful hit UK screens, and that’s why we thought we’d take the opportunity to let you know what you need if you wish to pull off the Penny Dreadful look!

Penny Dreadful is a series that reimagines the characters of classic 19th Century literature such as Frankenstein, Dorien Grey and Dracula, using them to tap into the popular appeal of the era’s gothic literature. With stars such as Josh Hartnett, Eva Green, Timothy Dalton and Billie Piper involved, it’s sure to achieve cult following by the time the end credits roll on the last episode of the first series.

The Rise of Gothic Fashion

There’s something extremely powerful about the gothic genre. Tales such as Dracula and Frankenstein have stayed with us, even after their authors have long since shuffled the mortal coil, and part of the knock on effect of their popularity is the modern gothic fashion that typified the 1990’s.

The 1990’s were very much a decade of counter culture. The bubble gum pop of the 80’s had passed, and teenagers were very much ready to re-embrace their angst. Thus gothic fashion became more popular than ever, and even stars such as Madonna, Marilyn Manson and Rose McGowan took the trend to their hearts as the decade progressed.

Luxe Models Top Four Tips to Pulling Off the Penny Dreadful Look

Penny Dreadful is sure to bring gothic fashion back to the fore, and if you want to rock this darkest of trends, you might want to try these four tips, courtesy of Luxe Models.

1)      Black on Black: There can never be enough black in this fashion trend. Go all out – black clothes, black makeup, black hair. If you have to ask yourself, ‘am I wearing enough black?’ the answer is no!

2)      A Lace Print for Every Occasion: Lace was arguably the most fashionable material of the 19th Century and the goths of the 1990’s incorporated the lace look of their favourite horror characters into their clothes. Tops with long lace sleeves work wonders here!

3)      Statement Makeup: Go big or go home: Statement makeup such as black nail varnish, ruby red lips and heavy mascara typified goth chic, and that is because our poplar imaging of the characters that inspired the look relies heavily on overstated physical features.

4)      Formal Wear: The Victorian era was probably the most conservative of modern times, and formal wear was a must for fashionistas of the day. The gothic look subverts this 19th Century trend, using classic formal pieces such as top hats, cravats and bow ties to emphasise the jarring nature of this most statement of styles. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Luxe Model’s Top Five Reasons We Love Kate Moss

Despite the lady’s own confusion over her enduring ability to clinch magazine covers, we just love Kate Moss here at the Luxe Models offices, and this week we write something of a love letter to the iconic model as we present to you our top five reasons why.

Discovered at the age of 14 in 1988, Moss became one of the infamous ‘supermodels’ of the 1990’s, gracing countless magazine covers and tabloid headlines because quite frankly, she has that ‘it’ factor that you need to make it in this industry.

But it seems the titan of modelling fails to understand why she’s as popular with magazine editors in 2014 as she was in 1994, recently commenting that “I don’t understand why I still sell magazines.”

Kate Moss is Awesome and here are Five Reasons Why!

Well we do Kate, and we think it’s utterly unacceptable that you don’t, so that’s why we’ve listed for all you readers out there our top five reasons why Kate Moss is so awesome!

1) Aging Fabulously: Whether you like it or not, modelling is an industry based on looks and Moss has managed to maintain hers impeccably as the years have gone by.

2) Bad Girl: Who doesn’t love a bad girl? The woman famous for popularising the dubious ‘heroin chic’ look back in the 90’s, Kate is never far from the headlines for her bad girl ways and even dated notorious bad boy Pete Doherty, co-frontman of The Libertines.

3) Star Connections: She’s got a celebrity rolodex as long as a runway and she’s not afraid to use it. Just this year she hit the headlines for accepting David Bowie’s Brit Award in his place, dressed in full Ziggy Stardust regalia. It’s just so unbelievably cool!

4) Show Us Your Brave: It’s universally known that Moss has the bravery of a lion and certainly isn’t afraid to use it, even if it results in a major fashion faux pas. We don’t like boring fashionistas, which is why Moss’ daring sense of style is so amazing!

5) Sense of High Street Style: She’s not just successful as a model, but as a fashion designer too. Her ranges for Top Shop are inspired and provide chic clothing for the average woman on the high street.

So hold your head up high Kate! There are plenty of reasons why you’re still gracing the front covers of magazines everywhere and it’s highly likely that you’ll continue to do so in another two decades time!

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Luxe Models talks Beach Wear!

Luxe Models loves nothing more than to accessorise on the beach. Just because you don’t wear much on the beach, doesn’t mean you don’t have to wear much. This is an excuse, actually (ahem), to accessorise more than ever before in the world of accessorising. “Why?” you ask. Luxe Models will tell you (because we are wise beyond words)... On the beach one doesn’t wear much in terms of clothing, yes, we are aware of this, BUT: the lack of clothing actually acts as a reason to drape one’s semi-naked body in tassels, in jewellery, in sexy sunglasses and unconventional footwear. Bangles, hair accessories, sarongs: think of it this way, the less clothes you wear, the more accessories you can get away with. Hurrah beach! Hurrah sun! We worship the warm rays of heat you provide, which allow us to glam up our lives without looking like a weird old bag lady. Ah, the simple pleasures in life.

Luxe Models loves that clinky, clanky sound you get from strolling along the beach dowsed in chunky metal goodness. Wrists swathed in big round variations of bangle joy; we love it! Check out Topshop for some awesome wrist action. H&M is good if your budget is a little lower, and AlexanderMcQueen is good for those whose budget is more open ended than the sweet blue skies that encompass our favourite beach locations.

When on the beach abroad (and not mooching around Britain’s dreary high streets), one realises that sunglasses have a practical purpose. A purpose that is not merely to conceal baggy old hungover eyes, either! When on the beach, a Luxe Model needs eye-shields because of actual sunshine! Here at Luxe Models, at this moment in time, we’re loving round little numbers. They’re cool in a kind of hippy/Beatles way (as if there are any uncool hippy/Beatles ways).

There is literally nothing better than a big pair of chavvy gold hoops. Luxe Models is not joking in relaying this solid fact. Bikinis and hoops look hot; there are no two ways about it. Other oversized earrings are also a hit. Or what about those earrings that are kind of like an ear cuff, yes, an EAR CUFF! It’s the future. One end clips on to the top of the ear whilst the other goes through the lobe piercing. Genius.

So, there you have it. A little beach accessory guide that should get your fashion juices flowing in time for this summer’s escapade abroad! Hope you enjoyed it - for more stories like this, follow us on Twitter!